How to Wash Bras

Nothing is like that amazing first feeling of wearing a new, squeaky-clean bra! Let us help you restore your bra to it's former glory by teaching you all of our tips and tricks for washing bras.

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Should I Machine Or Hand Wash My Bras?

Although machine washing can seem like a much easier and quicker alternative, you will be much happier in the long run by hand washing your bras!

Machine washing is very hard on the underwiring and elastic in the bra. It often leads to underwire poking out, premature bra ageing, and cup sagging.

Machine washing can come in handy for quick pinches but should be considered a last resort.

Hand washing a bra and placing a bra into a lingerie bag.

How To Hand Wash Bras

1. Dab any stains with a mild (preferably alcohol free) detergent and gently rub. Some detergents we recommend are Dreft, Forever New, Le Blanc Silk & Lingerie Wash, or Eucalan.

2. Fill your sink with cold to lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water as it can accelerate bra loosening and break down elastics.

3. Add a small amount of delicate detergent to the sik. You only need a little bit, any more than just enough to work up a lather will leave a residue.

4. Soak your lingerie in the sink for up to an hour then gently rub the fabric to remove dirt. Pay extra special attention to the band and armpits where the most dirt accumulates.

5. Rinse in cool water until the water runs clear. Do not wring out the water, as it will stretch the fabric of the bra.

6. Lay garment flat on a towel and then lay another towel over. Press down gently to soak up excess water.

7. Always hang dry your bra (see why below!)

How To Machine Wash Bras

1. Hook all the back of your bras together to avoid tangling or snagging.

2. Put similar colored items into a lingerie bag. A lingerie bag works best to separate bras from other clothing items and reduce potential damage.

3. Wash on a delicate cycle in cool water using a delicate detergent. Check out our favorite detergent recommendations above.

4. After the wash, take any molded cup bras and reshape the cups gently. Try not to wring out or stretch the bra as best as possible.

5. NEVER put your bra into the dryer! You should always hang to dry, see why below.

Bras hanging fram a clothesline

How To Dry Bras

You should always avoid the dryer with your delicates. Machine dryers will damage the shape and elasticity of your bra, permanently affecting the fit.

After washing, your bra should always air dry. This can be done by hanging the bra on a hanger or over a rack, preferably somewhere with good airflow.

They will likely need a day or two to dry completely, so always keep a few spares handy to wear while the clean ones dry!

For storage tips post-dry, check out our entire guide on How to Store Bras!

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