What is a Bustier Bra?

You’ve heard of the Bustier Bra before, from wedding magazines to lingerie shops to even medieval dresses- these bras have been around for a while! Not to be confused with the corset, the bustier is an incredibly versatile piece of lingerie.

With the word “bust” literally in the name, you already know the bustier is providing unbelievable support. We think everyone needs to add one of these to their closet, read ahead to learn why!

All About Bustier Bras

A Bustier Bra is a bra-shapewear fusion with a band that extends further down the torso than normal (typically to the waist or hips). There is a boning or paneling on the torso and a multi-back hook-and-eye fastening up the center. Alone, the band provides 80% support of the bra, so with an extended band, it’s no surprise the bustier is one of the most supporting bra styles on the market.

Unlike a strapless bra, the bustier bra has a lower centre gore, which is great for clothing with a low back or neckline. If you are looking for a suportive bra without an extended band, check out our article on what is a strapless bra.


How Can the Bustier Bra Benefit You?

A major draw of bustiers is the fact that they are a two-in-one. It pushes up the bust while tightening around the midriff and shaping the waist. They lift the breasts of any bust size up and together while still emphasizing a slim waist appearance. With lifted breasts and a sculpted figure, what more could a girl want?

Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we know a thing or two about how to achieve that snatched hourglass figure. Our biggest secret is the bustier!

If you fuller-figured ladies are worried this bra won’t work well with your body type, fret no more! We often recommend bustiers to larger-busted women because of just how well the band part of the bustier keeps the bra cups in place. To ensure that you get the maximum amount of support, we recommend our larger-busted clients to look for bustiers with underwire cups, adjustable straps, and a couple of rows of adjustable hook-and-eye closures.

We also recommend bustiers to our brides because of the way they enhance cleavage and perfectly cinch the waist with ease under any gown. It’s a super sexy must-have addition to your bridal party!

Our favorite bustiers at Hourglass Lingerie are the Parfait Elissa Bustier P5017 European Nude and the Goddess GD0689 Black Lace Bustier Bridal.

When Should I Wear a Bustier Bra?

One of the biggest trends right now in fashion is the look of wearing a bustier alone as a top! Perfect detailing, lace overlays, and lovely accents are what make these great asset to your wardrobe. We love to pair one with jeans and heels for a seductive and sleek look or even a knee length skirt and blazer for a casual, but striking look. Not all bustiers are meant for wearing alone, but a majority can be.

Other occassions bustier bras are perfect for include:


  • Date night
  • Girls' night out
  • Formal attire
  • Bridal dresses
  • Anytime you want that flawless hourglass look!

When Should I Not Wear a Bustier Bra?

There are only a handful of times we would suggest to not wear a bustier. If you’re just looking for waist-slimming but not breast support, a Corset would be better suited for you. A corset is a tightly fitted undergarment that extends from below the chest to the hips. The difference between a bustier and a corset is that a corset does not have an attached bra piece and tends to be more restrictive than bustiers.

Other occassions where we recommend not wearing a bustier include:


  • Cropped clothing
  • Backless clothing

Since the bustier covers a lot of area, it is harder to hide in more revealing clothing.

Bustier Bra Sizing

Some people shy away from bustiers because they are concerned about how in the world to size it. Although daunting, it’s not much harder than sizing for a regular bra. If you’re sized correctly in the bra portion, the hook-and-eye closures on the shapewear part can be adjusted accordingly to give you the most flattering look. The easiest way to size yourself is to check out our Size Guide and read up on all of our tips and tricks. Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule your free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist. We would love to help you and share our admiration for bustiers!

Bra Style Guide

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