What is a Strapless Bra?

Lots of women hear the words Strapless Bra and brush it off as not right for their body type. The truth is that strapless bras have come a long way in recent years and now most (if not all) women can wear them and look great!

Continue reading to learn all about why women are becoming more and more comfortable with rocking that strapless look, right from Hourglass Lingerie’s fitting experts.

All About Strapless Bras

The name of a Strapless Bra does a great job at describing what it is. It’s simply a bra without straps! Due to the lack of straps, this bra style instead utilizes features such as silicone/ rubber lining, molded cups, or underwiring to help support the breasts.

Many women don’t realize that in any bra, most of the support comes from the band, with only a small percentage actually coming from the straps.

Strapless bras take advantage of this fact with firmer and wider bands to prevent that annoying slippage many associate with them. The key to avoiding the slip (and constant bra pull-up) is to be properly sized in the band. We get into this in a bit more detail later on!

Who Should Wear Strapless Bras?

Believe it or not, the magic of strapless bras can be utilized by most women!

It’s a big misconception that it is impossible to find a strapless bra as a full-figured woman. It takes a little bit more work but finding a supportive and functional bra is totally possible.

Specialized boutiques for full busts (such as Hourglass Lingerie) will be able to help you find the perfect strapless bra that blows all of your expectations out of the water!

Our favorites at Hourglass Lingerie are the Be Wicked BWXB101 Strapless Bra and the Panache Sculptresse Dana 9670 Linen Molded Strapless Bra.

When Should I Wear?

Strapless bras really come in handy for lots of different occasions. Obviously, they are wonderful options for off-the-shoulder and unusually cut shirts and dresses.

Strapless bras are also wonderful because there are lots of versatility. For example, you could find a plunge strapless bra for a low-cut shirt.

We also recommend strapless bras to many of our brides. Strapless bras replace Bustiers in dresses that already include slimming boning in the torso area.

When Should I Not Wear?

Although strapless bras have come a long way in the past few years, they still are not our top pick for daily wear.

The fact of the matter is simply that they’re not practical except for special occasions. A great alternative for women who may rarely want the strapless appearance but don’t want to invest in an infrequently used garment is the Convertible Bra.

This bra style has straps that can be removed and reattached whenever desired; therefore, they are the perfect middle ground!

Sports Bra Sizing

Many women also shy away from strapless bras because of how daunting the sizing can seem. It is true that sizing makes or breaks a strapless bra, but that shouldn’t turn you away from the style completely.

Our hidden secret is to start with your normal bra size, then go down a band size and up a cup size. This keeps the same cup volume but allows for a snugger band fit to ensure it will stay in place all day long.

However, any more than one band size down may become uncomfortable. The easiest way to size yourself is to check out our Size Guide and read up on all of our tips and tricks.

Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule you free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist. We would love to help you and share our admiration for strapless bras!

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