5 Things to Consider for Your Wedding Day Lingerie

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As the big day approaches, you have the perfect dress picked out. But, have you spent much time planning what will go under the dress...?

Heaven forbid, you spend hours getting ready only to have your black bra showing through the bodice of the dress or find your bra straps sticking out of your gown, ruining the entire ensemble. Or, maybe you have a strapless dress - you certainly don’t want to spend the whole day tugging your strapless bra back into place!

When you’re getting married, you don’t want little problems like an uncomfortable underwire poking you, lingerie that doesn’t match the shape of the dress showing, or an unsupported chest keep you from dancing the night away...Therefore, planning for for these little details is important to ensure you can enjoy every minute of your day, completely comfortable.  

Fortunately, we have you fully supported and covered for all these scenarios! Here are some tips for making sure your lingerie is as on point as the rest of your wedding look.

1.White, Ivory, or Light Colors

Even though your wedding dress probably isn’t see-through, you still want to make sure that the color of your lingerie isn’t leaking through or drawing attention in case it pokes out of the white dress. This isn’t the best time to break out your favorite brightly patterned bra or your black underwear.

If you have a white dress, wear lingerie that most closely matches that color. Also, give yourself a once or twice over in the mirror (and/or ask a friend to check it out with a critical eye) to make sure that your underwear can’t be seen through the fabric of the dress; especially if you have a sheer bodice.

2.Have your Bra Sewn In

Many women, especially shapely, hourglass women, have faced the same issue with strapless bras - they can slide. It’s made us wary of wearing them in the first place. Your wedding is the last event where you’ll want to deal with a sliding strapless bra. Fortunately, because this is such a common problem, many salons and boutiques are willing to sew the bra into the wedding dress. No more tugging for you!

3. Try a Bustier (or a Basque)

One option that offers more support is a bridal bustier. A bustier is strapless for the sake of discretion, but it offers more support because it covers the torso. Bustiers stop just above the hips, so they’re great for body shaping and for providing your chest the firm support it needs for the big day.

Our Goddess White Lace Bridal Bustier is easy to sew and hook onto the wedding dress, and options like the Goddess Adelaide Bridal Basque and Elomi Ivory Bustier offer so much support you may not even need to sew it in.

4.Make Sure Your Lingerie Fits

We’ve emphasized this point before, but it’s especially important when it comes to choosing the right wedding lingerie. Now is the perfect time to make sure that your bra size is truly correct and, offering you the support you need. Here’s a quick test: with the bra on, cup the bottom of your breast in your hand. If you feel any difference, your bra isn’t offering you the support it should.

Check out our sizing guide to help you find the perfect fit. A fitted, supportive bra will ensure your comfort, and perfect your look for your big day.

Haven’t Found a Gown Yet…?

5. Find a Specialty Store for Your Perfect Fitting Gown

Here at Hourglass we pride ourselves on providing a custom experience for sizing and helping you find the perfect look, feel, support and style.  

...We also make a point of educating women everywhere on the fact that generic bridal and department stores alike - while fun to shop - aren’t able to offer a full range of sizes, shapes and styles from petite to tall and full-figured.  

Therefore, with only a small range of ‘mid-range’ sizes available, many women dress their bodies in ill-fitting sized lingerie, swimwear and even day-to-day clothing, simply because that is all that is available. You have a unique body shape, so why not treat it so by dressing it in truly custom sizes and styles.

While we at Hourglass are here to provide you a custom experience for your lingerie (with over 10,000 colors, shapes and styles right on-site for you to try and take home), there are also custom designers for other apparel - including wedding gowns.

One great example is our friends at FanCDesigns. FanCDesigns specializes in dresses for curvy brides in a variety of styles. While most designers create gowns ending in size 16-18, FanCDesigns creates shapes and styles specifically to complement curvy brides - and creates those styles in sizes ranging from 2-28.

Check out their website here to learn more: www.fancdesigns.com, or browse their Curvy Couture Collection Here.

We wish you all the best finding the the dress of your dreams, and when you do, we’ll have the lingerie keep it fitting in the most beautiful and comfortable way possible!


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