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All breasts are not created equal.

As a matter of fact, experts have identified several different breast shapes, and each type needs a different type of bra. It isn’t just the size of your breasts that count, but the shape. Are they long? Round? Symmetrical? Just like your breasts, bras are made in different shapes and sizes -- so it’s important to find the bra shape that coordinates with your breast shape.

This is why finding the right cup size is only the first step to finding your perfect bra. So, once you’ve got your size in mind, go ahead and strip down -- check out that awesome bod of yours and determine which of these shapes and bra types are uniquely you.

Round -- Soft Cup/Wire-Free

If your breasts are symmetric circles - equal in fullness all the way around - you have what’s considered a round chest. Your breasts won’t be more narrow at the top than at the bottom, and will be as equally wide as they are long. Because of this, you don’t need a bra with much support. Your self-supporting breasts could do with a soft cup/wire-free bra.

Goddess, Panache, Goddess

Goddess Audrey, Panache Wirefree, and Goddess Keira

East, West -- T-Shirt

East, West breasts (say that five times fast) point not towards the center of your chest, but - you guessed it - east and west. If you notice that your breasts point outward and leave just a bit of space in the center of your torso, you’ve got what’s known as an East, West chest and a t-shirt bra will raise your girls up the best, giving you that sexy silhouette you’ve been looking for.

Elomi Bijou, Anita Rosa Faia, and Elomi Amelia

Side Set & Slender -- Plunge

Like “East, West” types, side set breasts point to either side. However, side set breasts are fuller and create a wide gap between your breasts. Because of this, you may do better with a cup size higher than your exact measurements. Yep, if you’ve noticed your girls spilling over the edge of your bras, it may be your shape, not your size.

On the other hand, slender breasts are on the smaller side of the spectrum. They’re thinner on the top than at the bottom, and distinct because they are longer than they are wide.

Both these shapes would fit best in a plunge bra, which will give your breasts some lift and rein ‘em in.

Elomi Bijou, Parfait Lynn, and Panache Tango

Bell Shape -- Full-Cup

If your breasts are smaller on the top and fill out towards the bottom, but aren’t much longer than they are wide, your breasts are considered bell shaped. Unlike slender breasts, bell shaped women fall towards the fuller, bustier side of the spectrum.

The most important part of finding the perfect bra is finding one with lots of support. So you’ll do best with a full-cup bra with a bit of wire.

Goddess Adelaide, Elomi Cate, and Fantasie Echo

Teardrop -- Whatever (yes, really)

Teardrop shaped breasts fall somewhere between round and bell shape. They’re slightly smaller on the top than on the bottom, but they’re still round and self-supporting. When you’ve got teardrop shaped breasts, there’s no need for you to shed any tears yourself -- these breasts can look beautiful and feel great in any bra. You feel your best in a push-up? A plunge? A balcony? You do you.

When it comes to your breasts, there’s no right or wrong shape, but there are right or wrong fits when it comes to bras. Check out our store and make sure you find a bra that supports your individual chest and helps you to look and feel your best.


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