6 Ways to Tell Your Bestie to Burn That Bra

Nov 06 2017 0 Comments

We all have a friend who insists she’s only a DD but really, but she should be wearing an F cup or larger. Maybe she has a hard time finding bras in her size that she can afford. Maybe she has self-esteem issues. Maybe she really just doesn’t know that you shouldn’t be bursting from every seam of your bra. Either way, it may be time to have a tough talk with your friend. Here are some ways you can get her in the know and into the right bra.

1) “Let’s go get sized!”

Toss out some statistic about how some significant percentage of women are not wearing the right bra size as an excuse to start the conversation. This way you can involve yourself so it feels less like calling her out: make it a team effort. Who knows? If you go to a professional bra fitting, you may find out that you’re not wearing exactly the right bra size, either. You’re a good friend, and you deserve a good fit, too. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable in something that was designed for her body.

2) “Oh, did I get the wrong size?”

If you’re in favor of a more roundabout approach, just gift your friend a bra. Say you found a new company, you wanted to give it a go, and you took a guess. “I heard they run small, just go try it on!” Encourage her to try it on, and if it looks great, give her an ample amount of praise about how her chest has never looked so good. If it is too small, use it as an excuse to defer to plan one and go get sized. If it does fit, your friend will likely know that you know what she says her cup size is, and will take the hint with love.

3) “Girl, your boobs are huge!”

We all have at least one friend who is this outspoken, and will, with love, just tell your girl the face-forward truth. This tactic isn’t for everyone. This will not work well on your friend who is uncomfortable with her body and hiding in a too-small bra to avoid attention. This is for the friend who genuinely doesn’t realize she’s wearing the wrong size or know where to find the right size. Pick your moment carefully, and be honest, but tactful.

4) “You need to love yourself honestly.”

This is going to be a heart-to-heart moment, so be sure this is your actual best friend. Open up and be ready to listen, but don’t walk away without saying goodbye to her old bra. Be loving, but firm. Some women will knowingly bind themselves into something that is too small just to avoid letting people be aware of what is really there. Try to get her to be proud; this isn’t something you have to hide. Her hourglass frame is beautiful. But if she’s not ready to embrace her curves yet, just try and get her to acknowledge that her bad bra habits aren’t actually helping the problem. If anything, only makes it worse.

5) “Isn’t that bra killing you?”

If your friend is wearing the wrong size bra, specifically a too-small bra, chances are probably 10/10 that she is really uncomfortable. Acknowledge it and make her aware of the long-term damage she can do to her body, especially her spine by wearing a bra that is much too small. Show her to the other side where there are comfortable bras that are as supportive of her as you are. Chances are, even 1 day in a bra that is the right size, she will never want to go back to that life of chronic pain, chafing, and skin abrasion: No woman in the world is going to miss a wire digging into their side.

6) “I heard about this company…”

Tell her about Hourglass Lingerie. Our company exists because there should be high-quality, attractive, comfortable lingerie for women sizes AA-O. We don’t think you should have to suffer, forego the bra, or hoist yourself into something that was just not made for you. You and your friend can both find something you will love here! Once you find a bra that doesn’t rub your skin raw, you’ll never want to go back.

Slip into something that really is more comfortable and slip that old bra into a fireplace. You deserve the best thing for you. That means you deserve a comfortable bra that fits you.


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