A Hot New Look at Granny Panties

Dec 20 2017 0 Comments elomi high-cut briefs high-waisted briefs panache parfait underwear

And why their rising popularity could point to a healthier body image.

Big, comfy underwear are back in style, or rather, back in trend. What you wear around under your clothes all day shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. While high-cut briefs are often thought of as “granny panties” and traditionally, they came in white cotton and very few other options, things are changing, and these aren’t your granny’s panties.

If you love thong panties, power to ya! You may feel awesome because your butt looks awesome and that is great for you. If you feel comfortable in your thong, you shouldn’t feel like you have to change anything.

Most of us are not comfortable in a thong. Many of us have long felt the pressure that every item of clothing from our scarf to our socks has to be cute, even the clothes that no one else might see. Not everyone feels comfortable in a delicate lace thong and matching bra. If that’s where you feel most comfortable and confident, have at it! But many hourglass women don’t feel that way. Nothing is sexier than comfort, so if your best comfort is in a pair of high cut briefs, don’t be ashamed to do you. Thongs might be great for a night out. Brief underwear serves a broader function. They are everyday underwear.

High Cut Panties are actually slimming. If you want to conceal some of the rolls in your midsection, a higher waist may be just what you need. High-waisted panties create a smoothing effect that helps de-accentuate your lower abdomen and emphasize your smaller waistline. The higher your waistband, the smaller it appears.

Not “Granny panties” Anymore - They are getting cuter.With a market boom that doubled sales in the high-waisted, high-cut brief, the fashion industry is catching on and offering more than the traditional white cotton satin that was the only option for many-a-decade. Companies like Elomi, Panache, and Parfait are doing more to give cute, fun options to the high-waisted brief. Underwear don’t exist to be cute, but cuter panties can help us feel more confident in our style as well as comfortable. It’s nice to see some more colorful and interesting options making their way into the world of high-cut briefs.

When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. It’s hard to feel good about your body when you equate style with discomfort. Our advice? Treat your body kindly, starting with your underwear. Wearing comfortable (and cute) briefs that make your body feel more comfortable and, by extension, you’ll feel more comfortable with your body. You’re with this body for life, after all. You should feel good about living in it.

We want you to be comfortable.We want to inspire love for every inch of your curves. Hourglass is dedicated to bringing the most options in comfort, style, and personality to plus women everywhere. By offering a wide variety of brands and products for the curvy woman, we hope to not only fill a gap in the market, but also in your underwear drawer. Come check out our variety of options in high-cut or traditional briefs, or any other type of underwear you like. At Hourglass, with so many options that all fit, the choices are endless and the choice is yours.


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