Rocking Your Plus Size Body from the Panties Up

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Words like beauty and style aren’t defined by body size or shape. Beauty and style are found in your own confidence, personal sensuality, and love for your body. Rocking your plus-size body may sometimes feel difficult in a world that places more value on a specific size, body type, or look. It can feel frustrating to walk into a clothing store and not find choices in your size or that flatter your figure in the way that you need. All of us want to feel comfortable and confident as we go about our lives. The beginning of that self-love can start with something as seemingly simple as your underwear, and that’s why Hourglass Lingerie offers a vast selection of items for your curvy figure.


Feel Confident in Your Underwear, Feel Confident in Yourself

Your bra and underwear are the first things you put on each day, and they should elevate you. Each woman seeks different things from her underwear - some women may look to functionality, something that helps them feel comfortable and secure under their business suit. Others may want something that gives them a boost of confidence, offering just the right amount of sexiness that makes them feel good about their body. Other women might need the right underwear for that special holiday party dress or occasion piece.


Hourglass Lingerie offers a variety of lingerie options

Elomi Opal Brief EL8665

Boyshorts may be the ideal choice for the woman seeking comfort or an option for that new dress or skirt. For the woman rocking her curves in a simple t-shirt and jeans, briefs and hipsters can provide just the lingerie you need. Still, when you need something a little more sexy to go along with that curve-hugging dress on a special night out, the classic thong like the Panache Tango is always a solid option. Your lingerie’s fabric should make you feel beautiful, using the materials you love, from classic cotton, to satin or lace.

Elomi Bijou EL8722

When choosing your lingerie, don’t forget to also examine the prints of the pieces. Maybe an art deco print, like theElomi Lyndsey Iris UW Banded Bra and matchingElomi Lyndsey EL4125 Iris Brief, inspires. Have fun with your choices! The most important thing to remember is that your underwear, and all aspects of your wardrobe, is for you. If there is a style you want to try, give it a go! Don’t let fashion magazines or “rules” dissuade you from wearing the fashions you love. Plus-sized women can absolutely make any look work for them with just a dash of confidence, personality, and careful fittings.

Spend some time today browsing our website, allowing yourself to select beautiful pieces, embracing all that you are, from your personality to your rocking curves. Or, give Hourglass Lingerie a call at 443-869-5324 for any advice you need to choose the lingerie that suits who you are.


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