Benefits of a Personalized Bra Fitting

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Have you been questioning your bra lately? Size guides, fitting hacks, and DIY videos work to some extent, but you will never get the exact perfect fit. The only way to do this is to go in for a personalized bra fitting with size experts. Hourglass Lingerie believes every woman deserves to have the perfect fit for multiple reasons. Read on to hear all about why you deserve to be fit in-person by the best!

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Headache Help

Did you know that wearing the wrong size bra can add to or even be the cause of your daily headaches or neck pain? Wearing a bra that isn't fitted properly puts the weight of your breasts on your shoulders which in turn directly causes neck pain. This is because your shoulders and neck share the same muscles, so pain in one translates to pain in another.

When customers come in for a personalized fitting, our staff can recognized an improperly fitted bra that is likely causing headaches. This is then almost always confirmed by the customer. No online bra size calculator can do that!

After being fitted in-person to their proper size, customers immediately see a difference in their posture. They then begin to feel a difference of the weight being taken off their shoulders and lower back. Many customers have returned to share their joy of no longer suffering from those seemingly impossible-to-cure headaches!

Body Pain Relief

Have you considered going to a chiropractor or surgeon to address your chronic back pain? Save your money and skip the breast reduction surgery. There are better options for you if you believe your body pain is originating from your breasts.

The band of the bra is where most of the support is held, so if there is a sizing error, pain and suffering is inevitable (especially with fuller breasts!) All too often we see women come into the shop miserable because they cannot find the source of their pain no matter how many different bra styles they try. One look at their improperly fitting bra and we know exactly how to help.

Many surgeons feed on the insecurities of women to make money off of breast reduction surgery. We can guarantee that with an in-person fitting, your breasts will no longer cause these issues and the idea of surgery to change your perfect self will be a thing of the past.


There is nothing like the feeling of stepping out of the dressing room in a bra that is the perfect fit. The glint of confidence and joy in our customers' eye is what makes our job so rewarding!

So many women just settle for what they think is the right size and don't even consider that there are better options out there. They layer the baggy clothing, hide their figure as much as possible, and refuse so showcase what makes them so uniquely perfect. Little do they know that a 30 minute bra fitting could change their entire outlook.

We love to see the confidence radiating from our customers as they leave the store in a new bra.

Better Look

Do you ever notice that your bra looks funky under certain clothes? Whether it be a weird sag or a strange print showing through- an improperly fitting bra has the potential to ruin your favorite outfit.

Many women first rush to blame the clothes, then swear off tight shirts or loose dresses. In reality, the clothes are not the issue. A perfect-fit bra will never cause issues under the clothes you're wearing.

Not only will an in-person fit find you that perfectly sized bra, but our size experts can also work with you to find a bra style for your specific outfit. For example, if you just bought a low-cut dress for a formal event, a size expert can find you a Plunge Bra that will be hidden under the clothes but still support and fit perfectly.

Personalized Bra Fitting

After all of this great information, how could you settle for anything less than the best? Hourglass Lingerie is proud to offer free, 1-on-1 personalized fittings for each and every customer.

All you need to do is call and we will work together to find a perfect day and time. We guarantee that your fit will be perfect on the first try. To schedule, either click below to our Book an Appointment page, or call us at (443)869-5324. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the perfect fit!


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