Coming Out of COVID-19

May 18 2021 0 Comments

Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we are ecstatic that the pandemic that has ruled our lives for over a year now is finally coming to an end! Our staff have been vaccinated and in-person business is beginning to pick up again at our recently relocated store.

Although we are so happy to be on the end of this, there are some things we have grown accustomed to now. We will certainly miss the days of staying in bed all day, quality family time, and not having to put pants on for zoom meetings! Along with these changes, we have realized our bra scene needs an update.

We don't know about you, but for us, bralettes or even no bra have been the daily choice. Allow us to help you re-vamp your bra collection and remind you why choosing the right bra is important for a great day.

Woman lounging in blue bralette in front of bed

Welcome Back to Work

It has become a daily ritual to roll over and log into the computer for work and meetings. The beauty of this is that nobody ever has to see you the entire day except for those who live in your home.

However, now that we are returning back to in-person work, it's not that easy anymore. You are now being seen below the shoulders on a much more frequent basis!

Our favorite bras to turn to are T-Shirt Bras for a comfortable yet supportive and cute all-day option. Check out the Parfait Aline T-Shirt Bra P5251 Black as a workplace-appropriate option to feel confident walking into those first few face-to-face meetings.

No More Hiding Over Zoom

Young ladies in high school and college have also grown used to how easy it is to hit that "camera off" button in the corner of zoom. Why keep your camera on and be stared at by your peers when you could turn it off and get a few more minutes of sleep.... It's a dialogue every college student has with themselves each 8AM zoom meeting.

As many colleges announce vaccines are required for returning to in-person learning, the option of sleeping through class is much less possible. As well as having to actually get dressed, look alive, and walk across campus to class all being new factors to consider.

Bralettes are a great option for students who want a fashion-forward choice that is also hassle-free and comfortable. College students love these for the fact that you can sleep in one all night then roll out of bed and go to class still looking great. We love the Parfait P5951 Mia Lace Black Wire-Free Padded Lace Bralette as a great back-to-school piece.

Farewell DIY Home Gyms

We all learned the value of YouTube workout channels when the gyms closed and we were left with this as our only option. We became very familiar with yoga mats rolled over hardwood floors and cardio in the backyard grass.

Although it wasn't great having to improvise workout routines, it was nice being able to wear whatever you wanted while working out. No judgement was passed from others and you were free to work as hard as you wanted wearing whatever you wanted.

Now that gyms are opening, it's critical to remember the importance of Sports Bras. Not only do they keep you looking fresh at the gym, but they also prevent jostling, discomfort, and even injury. Our favorite sports bra to rock at the gym is the Panache 5021 Black Coral Convertible Underwire Sports Bra.

Back to Late Nights on The Town

Spending the night away partying at a bar or club? We remember those glorious days! For the past year, those nights have gone from crazy to chill and lots of movie nights and home cooking was done.

Thankfully, event venues, restaurants, and bars are slowly but surely returning to this same level of excitement. This means that it's time to bust out those long forgotten "night-out" bras.

For us, we always turn towards a trusty Push Up Bra to really wow for a night on the town or a hot date. These bras truly highlight the cleavage of any woman, and are sure to be a showstopper. We always reach for the Parfait Charlotte 6901 Leopard Brown Balconette Padded Push Up Bra  when planning a night out.

When Was The Last Time You Were Fitted?

Did you know it's recommended to be fitted by a fit specialist every 6 months? We know you are long overdue! It is also said that your "bra should never have a birthday". That means that those bras that have been sitting in storage for over a year now are probably long overdue for an upgrade.

Have no fear, you are not alone in your fight! Many woman just like you come into our shop everyday for a free, personalized bra fitting and leave happy with bra in hand. Call 443-869-5324 or Schedule an Appointment Online! We are sure you won't regret it and will find the perfect fit, the first time.


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