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Jun 29 2021 0 Comments

Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we are OVER THE MOON to have been featured on the front cover of the Sunday, June 27th edition of the Baltimore Sun!

Getting The Right Fit

Sharing the Importance of the Proper Fit

Navigating a new world post-pandemic, many people have forgotten the simple things of life, such as basic bra wearing! We dive deeply into this topic in out blog post, Coming Out of COVID-19. However, this topic is clearly something that resonates with many women, so much so that it made it onto the front page of the Baltimore Sun!

Our owner and fit specialist, Dawn, was interviewed and gave a tour of our shop. You can even see her featured in the headline image adjusting a panty rack! We are very thankful to have had this opportunity and never dreamed of making headliner news.

Since the feature, our phone has been ringing off the hook with requests for fittings and questions about what bra you should buy. Now is the perfect time to Book an Appointment with us to join in the fun! Read our article below and come say hi!

Woman holding a copy of the baltimore sun newspaper

Dawn with her copy of the paper!

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