Don't Forget the Basics: Packing Your Lingerie

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It’s easy to get swept up in prep for a big vacation, whether it’s a honeymoon, family reunion, or a trip with friends. Details like plane tickets, hotel stays, and excursions are fun to plan and some you can daydream for days about what to wear to an event. But one thing everyone should consider is the appropriate undergarments for whatever you are wearing — and how to get your lingerie safely to your destination and home again. (Suitcases never seem quite as big as they were before when it’s time to head home!)

It’s helpful to plan accordingly: pack for what you’ll need and consider the best ways to get it there.


Packing Molded Cup Bras

One of the last things you’ll want to do is damage a bra in transit. One great tip from Hourglass Lingerie works for bras with molded cups. Stack them on top of each other and add something like a pair of rolled up socks into the cups to help keep their shape. The great thing about molded cups is you can fold them in half, collapsing the bottom cup into the other, and then just stack them up. Roll or underwear into the bottom cup to keep the shape so they don't get crushed.

Swimwear with molded cups can be packed in the same way. This can all help improve the longevity of your bras and ensure that you look your best on your travels. It can also be helpful to roll the rest of your clothing to maximize precious space space. This helps cut down on wrinkles so you don’t have to spend time with an iron at your destination.


An All-Purpose Bra

Veratility will be your friend when it comes to traveling light, so try to pick bras that work for multiple outfits. A relatively plain t-shirt bra in a color that matches your skin tone is great for wear on multiple days. It won’t show under light-colored tops and won’t have lace or odd seams poking through thin fabric.

That said, you may need to pack a more specialized bra. If your plans include going out wearing a dress with an unusual neckline or no straps, you may want to bring along a strapless bra. While these garments are less versatile, it’s important to be prepared — there’s nothing worse than being in the process of getting ready for a big night and realizing that your dress exposes the bra straps of the only bra you have with you. If you plan to enjoy a cruise ship’s gym or hike while you visit family in the mountains, you’ll want to a sports bra in order to stay comfortable.

Packing your lingerie can be easy to overlook amid the hustle and bustle of a long-awaited occasion. Taking stock of the rest of the clothes you’ve packed can remind you if you’ve overlooked something. If you can get away with using the same bra with multiple different looks, you can save travel and even money on luggage.

Missing something you need? Come see our experts behind the blue door at Hourglass Lingerie. Whether you need a new great everyday bra or want to pick up a special set of honeymoon lingerie, we’ll have something to fit both your comfort level and your style.


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