Loving Your Hourglass Figure

May 25 2018 0 Comments body positivity

An hourglass figure is defined as a curvy figure with a defined waist and approximately even bust and hip measurements, much like the outward curves of, well, an hourglass. For ages, hourglass figures have been among the most desirable body shapes, and they’re still highly coveted today. However, it can be discouraging for curvy women out there who go shopping only to find that most of the clothes seem to be designed more for twigs than for women. It’s not easy to love your figure when it stretches your sweater out and your lingerie store doesn’t carry bras in any size over a D cup.

The media, and retail stores, have a strict idea of how women should look that almost no real woman can achieve. But despite all the pressures, here are a few reasons to love your hourglass figure.

Hourglass Figures Are the Easiest to Style

Provided you can find clothes that fit, hourglass figures look good in...well, just about everything. Pencil skirts, leggings, and flare jeans are all viable options. Waist belts and cinches that can be so tricky for any other body shape are designed to flatter hourglass figures. Just about any dress is the right dress for an hourglass woman. And whether you prefer heels, boots, or flats, you can find the perfect footwear for you and your figure.

Finding the right size can be a struggle without the help of a retailer that sells clothes for hourglass women, but once you find something in your size, there’s no need to wonder whether or not it will look good on you. It will.

Curvy Women Look Younger

Rarely do women brag about their body fat, but actually a little bit of body fat can help you look younger for longer. A soft, curvy body figure and skin can give you a supple, healthy appearance. Subcutaneous fat deposits under the skin help it to stay smooth, and even helps you keep that youthful glow. While your hourglass figure can’t literally keep you young, it can help you fool the world for a little while longer.

Body Shape is Not Body Size

However, it’s important to dispel a common misconception about hourglass figures: too often, curvy women are convinced that having curves makes them fat. Body shape has nothing to do with body size. An hourglass woman can be a size 20 or a size 6. It’s all about the proportions of your bust, waist, and hips, not about your dress size. But any hourglass woman of any size should love her curves and her body. After all, it’s a part of who she is!

Find the Right Fit

If your clothes don’t fit, probably the most immediate emotion you’ll feel towards your figure is frustration. This is doubly so with lingerie, which — ideally — should support your curves. Women often can’t find bras and panties in their size, or settle for the wrong size. That’s why Hourglass Lingerie was opened, to help out fellow hourglass women.

Think you’re wearing the wrong size? Check out our sizing guide to help you find the right one, or come see our experts behind the blue door for a consultation. Here you’ll be able to find sizes A-O in a variety of fashionable styles, so your curves can both look great and feel great. And when your curves feel great, it’s that much easier to love your hourglass figure.


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