How to Create an Hourglass Shape

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An hourglass figure, with curvy hips and bust and well-defined waist, has always been one of the most desired body shapes for women. Your favorite cute clothes look great on this shape – honestly, an hourglass figure is flattered in pretty much any style of clothing, from cinched-waist styles or jeans to flowing dresses, and everything in between.

The trick for many women is how to create or accentuate an hourglass figure in a way that looks natural and flattering. Whereas eras of the past had all sorts of uncomfortable ways to get an idealized figure (whoever decided that silk and whalebone was the way to go?), we’ve got some much more realistic ways to accentuate the figure of your dreams!


Embrace the Waist

One of the hallmarks of the hourglass figure is a waist that’s narrower than the hips and bust. You don’t need scary shapewear to achieve this look – your fashion is the key! Look for clothes that emphasize your waist to draw attention up to that narrower part of your body. The best bet for this is a fit-and-flare dress that contrasts a flared skirt with a more fitted bodice or a pencil skirt with a tailored top. If you’re a belt kind of girl, try a dress (or tunic over leggings) with a belt to cinch your waist.


Find Your Best Fit

Ill-fitted clothes and underwear can obscure any figure – that’s why Hourglass Lingerie first began, to help women find the right size and support for all shapes. Bringing out an hourglass shape is often about supporting your curves.

This starts with supportive underwear in the right size: check our sizing guide or get fitted by an expert to be sure that your bra size is correct and supports your bust instead of flattening it or letting it sag, and choose panties that fit smoothly. Longlines are designed to help define shape, like Parfait’s low back bustier or Goddess’s basque, but you can find shorter longlines, too, like Freya’s longline bra that stops above the waist. High-waisted briefs also direct attention to the midriff, like this one from Parfait or Elomi’s swimwear brief.

To further emphasize an hourglass shape, look for clothes that fit a little more closely in the bodice and over the hips: pencil skirts look great, as do tailored dresses or fitted jeans.


Find a Good Tailor

The biggest challenge for showing off an hourglass figure is often finding clothes that fit. To make it even more frustrating, you see pictures of women in catalogs or on TV whose clothes seem to effortlessly accentuate every curve. What’s their secret? It’s simpler than you might think. Find a tailor in your area who does women’s alterations, and take them your clothes that don’t flatter your shape the way you’d like. You’d be amazed at what a little expert tucking and hemming can do to emphasize your curves.

The key to getting a great hourglass figure isn’t about bending your body to your will, but instead emphasizing the beautiful shape you already have with expert style choices. Follow these tips and you’re sure to bring out the best in your body! And if you’re in need of lingerie that supports and accentuates your hourglass figure with the right fit, come see our experts behind the blue door at Hourglass Lingerie or check out our online store.


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