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Loving Your Hourglass Figure

May 25 2018 0 Comments body positivity

An hourglass figure is defined as a curvy figure with a defined waist and approximately even bust and hip measurements, much like the outward curves of, well, an hourglass. For ages, hourglass figures have been among the most desirable body shapes, and they’re still highly coveted today. However, it can be discouraging for curvy women out there who go shopping only to find that most of the clothes seem to be designed more for twigs than for women. It’s not easy to love your figure when it stretches your sweater out and your lingerie store doesn’t carry bras in any...

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Love Your Curves and Treat Them Right - Dressing Your Body for Style and Support

Apr 13 2018 0 Comments body positivity curvy fashion style

Learning to love your body can be hard when social media, magazines, and television all present a narrow idea of beauty. The supermodel body type you see isn’t achievable or healthy for everyone. Even if you are working with your doctor to find a healthy way to change your look, it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful at every size. It’s helpful to feel confident and comfortable even if you aren’t at your goal weight yet. Dressing for the body that you currently have instead of wearing old clothes that are too big or too small or trying to squeeze...

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