Love Your Curves and Treat Them Right - Dressing Your Body for Style and Support

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Learning to love your body can be hard when social media, magazines, and television all present a narrow idea of beauty. The supermodel body type you see isn’t achievable or healthy for everyone. Even if you are working with your doctor to find a healthy way to change your look, it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful at every size. It’s helpful to feel confident and comfortable even if you aren’t at your goal weight yet.

Dressing for the body that you currently have instead of wearing old clothes that are too big or too small or trying to squeeze into a “goal dress” that doesn’t fit right can just lead to disappointment and low self esteem. This can all be assisted by carefully choosing your clothing, investing in pieces, and highlighting your favorite features. Even more important are your foundation garments. A well fitted bra will improve your figure and can make you look thinner.


The Magic of Tailoring

Sometimes you’ll see photos of celebrities going about their daily lives- wearing jeans and a plain t-shirt to do some grocery shopping, just like anyone else… except their t-shirt hangs perfectly, framing their curves without riding up and their jeans won’t bunch up around their knees or ankles. In their most casual clothes they look like you do when you’re all dolled up in your favorite outfit. It can seem mystifying.

The answer isn’t some dark pact or a flawless figure — it’s tailoring. Celebrities will often have all of their clothing custom tailored to fit them perfectly, buying a size up and having clothes taken down perfectly. While people who aren’t rich and famous might not be able to afford to have their entire wardrobe custom fit to them, it might be worthwhile to look into tailoring a few special pieces: a nice pair of jeans, a blazer, a nice dress. Even if this isn’t currently in your budget, remember that the reason some people’s clothing magically fits better than yours isn’t because of some problem with your body but because yours haven’t but cut to specifically fit you.


Play to Your Strengths

Dressing your body well can go a long way toward good self esteem and self confidence; picking clothing that highlights your favorite features can be a great way to do that. If you love how strong or how long and lean your legs are, you may opt for a skirt that lets you show them off. A tiny waist might be best shown off by a fit-and-flare dress accessorized with a belt in a pop of color.


It’s What’s Underneath that Counts

Even more important than your outer garments are the support garments you wear underneath. For a lot of women, this mostly means investing in a good bra that fits properly. A great bra can improve your bust and posture, making you look around ten pounds thinner. You should measure your bra size around once a year as your size may fluctuate depending on weight loss or gain, pregnancy, and changes in hormones. Wearing the right bra for your outfit can also make a big difference. A longline bra is great to provide strapless support while also adding a little support to the waist. Another blouse might do best filled out by a padded bra. Either way, the focus should be on dressing so that you feel and look your best.

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