The Best Bras for Gym Class

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As we all know, gym class can be a real pain in the boob. Full-busted young women have to deal with different problems in gym class than anyone else. Running doesn’t hurt quite the same way for everyone else as it does us. In gym class, we need some control and support.

We also need comfort to be able to engage athletically in the way that we need to. Think of your breasts as a rubber band, the more your pull and tug on that band it will lose elasticity and become stretched out. This is exactly what happens to the ligaments in your breasts as you jump and bounce, the more bouncing the more they stretch and eventually won’t bounce back. This is how the breasts begin to sag. However, there are a few bras that can help minimize this discomfort and bounce , keeping them almost bounce-free, while you work and play your hardest in gym class, as well as make you more confident to have more fun!


Anita Air Control

This padded maximum support sports bra has both the comfort and hold you need to get athletically engaged and have fun doing it. The Anita Air Control Bra has breathable foam cups that allow for air to flow through, cutting down on trapped sweat and odors. The triangular shape of the foam cup holds the bust firmly in place, while the mesh layer allows for great temperature control during your workout. The double-layered technology makes this bra perfect for your workout and also a comfortable wear throughout the day.


Panache Cobalt

This wire-free sports bra has maximum coverage and control. The full coverage of the shaping contour cups ensures the best support for your workout. This bra is particularly great for runners because the coverage and support gives great containment. The lightly-padded interior of the wireless cup helps maximize comfort. This bra also has ventilated mesh, which allows for better temperature control to keep you comfortable. The coverage, support, and comfort provided by this bra are perfect for runners, tennis players, and other athletes in high-intensity sports.


Elomi Energise

This wired sports bra is designed to give you extreme support and minimize bounce. The four-section cup with side support helps keep you in coverage and hold. The design is unique, and doesn’t compress the breast. This allows for bust separation, shaping, and the ultimate support. There are also microfibers that work to pull moisture away from the skin to avoid chafing and excessive sweating. The J-hook also gives you a unique choice in whether you want to wear straight straps or racer-back style, which also allows you to customize your support.

At Hourglass, we have a large selection of sports bras that are specially designed for you. Check out all of our options here. Whether shopping for your first sports bra for gym class or trying to find the bra that holds, supports, and comforts you during your workout, you’re sure to find something in our collection that was designed just for you. You deserve a great workout, and you deserve a great bra!


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