Bestsellers Round Up: Our Top 5 Bras to Celebrate Spring

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While the frost is waning and it’s getting hot outside, we at Hourglass are working to stay on top of the hot trends that are helping women feel beautiful in their own skin. Check out this month’s roundup of our top sellers, and you just might find the fit that has your name written all over it.

  1. Elomi: Cate

In a gorgeous update to the stylish Caitlyn range, the Elomi Cate has a bright new look! This best-selling embroidery bra features intersecting arcs, new textured straps and a beautiful looped neck. It’s made with a three-piece cup and a side support panel for forward shape, good uplift and separation, so you know you’re just as supported as you are gorgeous. The smooth satin simplex bottom cup comes with ultra support, and sheer embroidered top cup features a stylish arc design. Plus, if you’re worried about wearability, don’t panic—the embroidery has a flattened finish to minimize show through, so it can be your little secret. This bra is a staple in most ladies lingerie drawer, it is easy to wear and flatters almost any shape! The perfect breast for this bra is a teardrop shape that needs good support and lift. The side support panel is the best thing ever as it wraps all the side boob and pulls it forward for a nice front projection!

  1. Goddess: Adelaide

Adelaide, a new lace underwired bra, was based on the popular Keira Shape. It features a pretty, lace floral design with flat texture, so you can feel your best while looking like a queen. The four-section cup includes a side panel for forward projection, and the limited-stretch strap brings comfort and support all day long. A sheer top cup is designed with a V-neck plunge to give a lighter look beneath your favorite shirts, or all on its own. Then, the leotard back provides some extra support and prevents annoying strap slippage, so you can keep going. Again, this bra is perfect for the heavy breasted tear drop shape, the extra support and side panel really do wonders for complete lift with a forward projection.

  1. Parfait: Charlotte

Designed for the full-busted and full-figure woman, this underwire bra features three-part cups with light foam padding, to lift full-busts comfortably. The padding is slightly thicker at top of cups, designed for full-figured breasts that could use a little filling out at the top. Matte cups contrast with satin side-support panels along outside of cups, creating beauty and function while the side-support panels give that extra lift and projection. The color-contrasting on straps and front cups adds to the look, so you can rock a bra as unique as you are! Charlotte offers amazing lift and support as well as side support with just the right amount of cleavage. This is an amazingly comfortable bra, however if you are short waisted or have a short torso this may not be the perfect fitted bra for you, due to the higher underwires.

  1. Goddess: Alice

This bra has a French-designed lace that features delicate floral clusters and a semi-opaque top cup. This new, soft cup bra features an 'M' frame design, which gives the ultimate coverage and support while providing amazing bust separation, so you look and feel like a rockstar. The sheer, embroidered lace cups add an elegant touch, too! Stretch-mesh side wings anchor the bra in place so everything stays put, plus it offers a smoothing effect. Wide, adjustable straps have limited stretch for the best support possible, and a leotard back prevents uncomfortable slippage, too.

  1. Elomi: Energise

This new version of Energise is refreshed and rebooted with a clever j-hook, which offers a unique variety to your straps. Choose between straight straps or a racer-back look to suit whatever kind of workout you’re running into. Plus, the microfibre wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you feeling comfortable, no matter what! You can feel like an athlete superstar while you minimize bounce and get amazing support in this underwire sports bra, with four-section cups and side support. This unique non-compression design offers bust separation, shaping and the ultimate support, so you don’t have to choose between stylish and functional.

At Hourglass lingerie, we want every, single woman to feel glamorous, whether she’s lounging at home in her skinnies or strutting on the runway. Check out our bestsellers section regularly to see the hottest underwear, bras, and swimwear. Shop online, or visit our store to make an appointment with our fitting specialist for a custom fit!


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