Girls Night Out!!

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Book a Party with Us!

Hourglass Lingerie is now offering Fitting Parties!

So gather your besties and join us for a FUN Night(or Day) out!

Call and book yours TODAY! (443)-869-5324

                                                                                           *Fun & Cozy Atmosphere   *Private Party  

*Music  * Refreshments welcome (BYOB)

  *AA-O Cup size & 28-56 Band size

*Free Personalized & Professional Fittings for every guest!

Bra Fitting Parties

Gather your best friends and have a glass of wine, while each attendee gets personally fitted by one of our fitting specialist and learn tips on how a bra should fit! Did you know that 85% of women are in the wrong size bra. Do you struggle with support or constantly adjust your boobs during the day or is your band riding up your back? These are all signs of an ill fitting bra! Wearing a inproper fitted bra causes shoulder strain, lower back pain, and potential breast nodules. Lets end the "I hate my bra" relationship, by booking your fitting party today!  

*We require a minimum of 3 confirmed guests but can accommodate parties of up to 5. Please let us know if you plan to bring additonal guest.

View our booking page for Host Benefits & Guest Incentives.

Hourglass Lingerie offers a wide selection of lingerie for every girl in need! Sizes ranging from AA-O Cups and 28-56 Bands, every guest is sure to leave with the confidence they deserve! Hourglass Lingerie is a judgement free environment, and we stride to make sure everyone who walks thru our doors feels warm and welcome.

Bridal/Bachelorette Parties

Kick off your Bachelorette Party here at Hourglass Lingerie, and have your entire bridal party fitted for the wedding! Bring your bridal party & we'll provide the fun! We ask that you bring a minimum of 3 guests, but the more the merrier! We are confident you have picked the perfect dresses for the occasion, but the dress is only as perfect as the lingerie underneath!

When your bridal party purchases a minimum of 4 bras, the Bride gets her Bridal Lingerie for FREE!

*We require a minimum of 3 confirmed guests but can accommodate parties of up to 5. Please let us know if you plan to bring additional guest.

Hourglass Lingerie offers a large varitey of Bridal Lingerie for every bride's special day! With bridal lingerie styles ranging in sizes B-L cups and 32-46 band, we have everything you need to support you through your special day.


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