Lingerie Hacks

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Lingerie Hacks: How to get the most use out of your lingerie!

Any woman will tell you finding the perfect fit is only half the battle when it comes to bras and lingerie. Tricky necklines, snug bands, digging straps, maintaining proper storage and keeping your pieces in good condition are just a few of many problems that we encounter from time to time. Bras don't always have to be a hassle, we gathered a few lingerie hacks that we know and trust will help you get the most use out of your favorite pieces!


1. Use Lingerie bags to wash

One of the most important steps to ensure your lingerie last as long as possible is how there cleaned. Of course, it's best and suggested that you hand wash your delicate pieces, but we don't always have time to do that. Don't worry there are other options! You can actually invest in delicate bags( better known as lingerie bags) that you can put your lingerie in when you wash them. You can buy these lingerie accessories online or get them from some selected stores like Target and Walmart or even your local boutique. Getting this small and simple thing could help you to protect your favorite bras for many months to come. While you can machine wash your lingerie, remember you NEVER wanna machine dry! ALWAYS hang dry your lingerie, the heat from a dryer will break down elastic. For more tips on keeping your lingerie clean and in good condition check out our Lingerie Care guide.

2. Create your own racerback

Racerback bras are essential in every women's lingerie collection. Whether you're wearing a racerback shirt or your just trying to hide your straps for a specific outfit. However, if you’re caught short and don’t have one, there’s a quick and easy lingerie hack that you can try for yourself. Get yourself a clip for your bra. You can use this small accessory to create your own racerback bra look in seconds. All you have to do is fasten the back of your straps together. Keep in mind that you will need to adjust your straps before doing this so that you have extra room to breath and move around comfortably.

3. Get a bra case to MAKE packing easier

Are you planning an vacation or trip? Making sure that you keep your lingerie safe when you pack it can be a hassle. With that in mind, you could get a small bra case to take your favorite pieces with you! Having one of these sturdy cases mean that you can pack your bras away without the worry that they will get damaged during travel. If you have some high-end lingerie pieces, keeping them safe could be one of your main priorities. Thankfully, this couldn’t be a simpler solution !

4. Store your bras with both cups open

Proper storage is key to a long lasting bra. You should never invert one cup into the other, especially in padded and moulded bras. Doing this can destroy the fibers in the molding, making the cups bumpy, and shortening the life of your bra. Instead try stacking them with both cups open. If you don't have the space to do so, another easy hack is to stack them on hangers. See the photos below for example.


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