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Online Shopping Is It

Online shopping has been the way our technology has been pointing and pulling us for years. Now, with specialty stores being more available online than nearby in a brick-and-mortar store, people have begun to ship a variety of specialty products to their home rather than driving to a shopping center, which can be hours away and hours of trying on stuff. Overall, the convenience of shopping online is hard for us to get away from, and rightfully so! It’s just easier to get some things online.

With buying lingerie, or really any type of clothing online, there are often troublesome indications that come with. The most frequent problems: Will it fit? Will it look good on me? How do I know if this fabric works for me? These are just some of the problems one runs into when shopping for something that is so very unique, their body, on an online marketplace.

Overall, there are some good rules of thumb for you to abide by when shopping online. Especially in a boutique, where items can be a little pricey, you don’t want to just go ordering items recklessly without really knowing that what you’re buying is a sound investment to your wardrobe.


Don’t Experiment With Size

Generally, women should know their bra size. If you don’t know your bra size, and have just been guessing and sacrificing your comfort, that’s a whole different conversation. You need to know your cup size as well as your band size. Knowing the size of bra you should be searching for will make it ultimately a more fruitful ensure when buying online. If you play a guessing game, you risk spending some hard-earned coin on something that doesn’t fit or doesn’t fit right.

This also applies to your panties as well. Having a waistband that is too small can ruin your comfort all day. Having a waistband that is too large ensures a day of pulling up your britches to save yourself from unwanted exposure. Overall, knowing your sizes is probably the biggest deal of all when shopping online. A product that doesn’t fit you is a useless product to you. You don’t want to spend your money on a bra that doesn’t support you or a panty that is just too tight.

If you are unsure of your size, try looking at our sizing guide. You may also need to make an appointment for a formal bra fitting.


Familiar Is Good

Brands that you already know you like, and even copies of specific products are always an extremely smart way to go. For example, if you already know you love the Anita Full Cup Black Bra, why would you only want one? This bra serves so many purposes, and you may want to wear it more than once in a week. Having a second of one of these more multi-functional bras or panties is a smart move. After all, you don’t really need variety in your day bra as much as you need comfort and support.

If you are wanting to go with a certain kind of product that is more novelty, you can still stick with a brand you know and trust and stay in the size that you know you are. If you wants to try a fully new brand from online, just make sure you get the same size you always get, but keep in mind you may need to adjust sizing between brands. The first purchase will give you a good idea.


Keep A Tidy Shopping Cart

It can be easy to just click “add to cart” on every item we think we would like. At the end, however, you’ll end up with a cart full of items you’ve since forgotten and may abandon the order because you don’t want to sort through it all. Take your time. You don’t have to spend hours in the store anymore, so you may as well spend half an hour online really researching different products you want to try. Compare reviews and product features. Overall, the smarter you shop, the less regret you will have when your package arrives. If you don’t pile your shopping cart full of things you don’t really want, you can focus on the things you really need as well as the products that you can really trust. Hourglass has a wide variety of products for your selection. We have a vast range of styles, brands, and sizes to find the best lingerie to suit your Hourglass Shape. If you have any tricks you use for shopping online, let us know in a comment down below!


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