The Truth About Saggy Breasts -- And Why You Should Embrace Them

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For most women, saggy breasts are an embarrassing secret. We’ll go to great lengths to hide them, from lift tape to surgery. It’s understandable to feel that shame when every magazine shows women with full, perky breasts, often without even wearing a bra. But as is often the case, going off magazines and Hollywood often presents a false image of what your body should look like.

For one thing, often the pictures seen in magazines, even of the most beautiful celebrities, are heavily photoshopped. Take for instance this before-and-after comparison of a Mariah Carey photoshoot as shown by Jezebel. In the picture below, they showed first the original picture and then the photoshopped version. In the second version, you can see that her waist was pulled in to look thinner while her breasts were made to look larger and perkier. They also thinned her jawline and even photoshopped her dress itself.


Your body is real, not a heavily touched up picture, and it’s beautiful as is. Rather than feeling ashamed of your sagging breasts, here’s the truth that you should keep in mind about them:


Saggy Breasts Are More Common Than You Might Think

The idea of a woman who has full, D+ cup breasts that manage to remain perfectly perky is, by and large, a myth. The truth? 7 out of 10 women develop stretch marks on their breasts during their teenage years alone. Particularly in the case of hourglass women, more women have sagging breasts than those that don’t. Especially as you get older, have kids, or just go about your life.

Sagging breasts most frequently occur when the breast has more fat density than tissue, but they can also occur when the natural supports of your breasts are stretched and worn out, much like a well-loved bra tends to stretch and wear down after a while. In other words, gravity can be the biggest culprit behind saggy breasts. And we’re all susceptible to gravity, even models and celebrities.


Small Breasts Can Sag, Too

There’s a misconception that only large breasts sag, while our smaller cup sisters stay perky forever. That’s simply not the case. Although it happens more slowly and less often than in the case of hourglass women, as I said, we’re all susceptible to gravity. Over time — and sometimes even at a young age, small breasts can also start to droop and sag.


Bras Will Not Prevent — or Cause — Breast Sagging

In an effort to avoid breast sagging, some women swear by wearing a bra to bed. They may buy push-up bras to this same effect. However, there’s no credible information to support this theory. Certain bras will help your saggy boobs to appear more perky, but they won’t actually keep them that way when the bra comes off. On the other hand, one misconception is that too large bras will cause breast sagging. While it’s always a good idea to have a bra that fits the way it should, too large bras will not cause breast sagging.


Exercises Also Will Not Reduce Breast Sagging

Exercise is always a good idea when it comes to your health. And it’s true that fat density in your breasts is the cause of saggy breasts. However, there’s no exercise that’s used to tone the breasts, since they...don’t contain muscles. You can do certain exercises to tighten the surrounding area that will give your breasts more of the appearance of perkiness, but there’s no exercise that undoes breast sagging.


The Right Bra Can Give You the Lift You Need

Even if your breasts aren’t particularly saggy, an old, worn bra might make them appear so. On the other hand, there are certain bras that can give you a lift and help give you the appearance of perkiness. Parfait is our go-to brand when it comes to push-ups. Their Charlotte Balconnet Bra, for instance, offers underwire cups and foam padding to add shape to your breasts along with a foldover neckline that lifts them up...and it looks pretty cute in the meantime.


Another option is their Lynn Strapless Bra. Few hourglass women equate strapless bras with support and lift, but in this case it’s true: with contoured cups and comfortable microfiber underwire bras, this bra will hold you up all day while also giving you the lift you need. It comes with removable straps which can be worn in several different fashions. Arrange them in a halter or racerback shape in order to get the best lift possible.


Saggy breasts don’t have to be a point of shame. Not only are they common and natural, but with the right bra, you can rock your breasts with pride. Contact Hourglass Lingerie today or check out our selection of bras specifically for hourglass women to find the right bra for you.

  • Honestly this has been an issue for me especially since ive gained a considerable amount of weight and my breasts have changed drastically. I’ve always had large breasts (34 DD) But when I was 150 pounds they were smaller and perkier. Having gained over 50 pounds I’ve found my breasts to be unmanageable and huge. I’ve been considering surgery.

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