Your Favorite Work Bra: The Best Bras for a Day at the Office

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If you’re like most women, your evening routine begins with the same thing each night: coming home from work, reaching under your shirt, and taking off your bra. That routine is so normal, women are seen doing it in movies and tv shows--as if you’re supposed to be miserably uncomfortable all day!

However, a bra shouldn’t be an uncomfortable harness that you need to toss across your bedroom as soon as you walk through the door.

Your bra’s entire purpose is to make you feel comfortable and supported, so why should you have to rip it off as soon as you’re alone? Below, we’ve compiled a list of bra types that are cozy enough to wear until bedtime.

A Full-Coverage, Soft Cup

Our Top Pick: Goddess -- Audrey GD6121

This classic soft-cup bra is made without wires, and comes in a gorgeous matte finish. This style is not only comfortable, but allows for a full-coverage fit with maximum support and lift. You can sit, stand, and move comfortably around your workplace, thanks to the soft wide straps, padded strap-cushion, and stretch front. Say goodbye to that rigid hold, and lounge comfortably with the Audrey’s powernet back. A comfortable underband elastic replaces those unsightly wires, and flexible metal side bones support you without holding you back.

A Wire-Free With Side-Support

Our Top Pick: Elomi -- Caitlin EL8033

This plus size bra is made especially for women who need a little extra side-support, and features a satin simplex bottom cup with flexible side bones. The four-section wirefree cups have a unique side panel to keep your breasts facing forward without putting pressure on you--that way, you can focus on your work and not constantly adjusting your bra. Caitlin’s comfortable, elastic underband provides all that support without pressure, too, and its special V-shape prevents rolling, so you can sit pretty.

A Three-Section, Soft Cup

Our Top Pick: Goddess -- Clara GD6631

This medium-coverage bra also wire-free, and is made with soft, three-section cups designed to support you, instead of strapping you down. Feel cradled and cozy with the unique M-design of the Goddess brand--which is ideal for bust separation, support and comfort. Plus, you can feel gorgeous from head to toe in the beautiful heat-printed floral pattern on the cups, while being supported by the with powernet mesh sides and back. Comfort, support, and beauty all in one.

A Wire-Free Sports Bra

Our Top Pick: Panache -- Women’s 7341

You don’t need to be a personal trainer to find this sports bra comfortable during the work day. Whether you spend your days on your feet or at a desk, Panache’s breathable fabric keeps you comfortable all day. The foam-molded and seamfree inner cups provide control and a defined shape, all while cradling both of your breasts for a secure fit. The wide-cushioned shoulder straps even disperse pressure, so you don’t feel weighed down--no matter your cup size.

At Hourglass Lingerie, we know how important it is to be supported throughout your work day...but also how important it is to be comfortable. Often in the lingerie industry, there’s an idea that you can’t have both, but our selection of wire free full cup bras and sturdy sports bras prove that’s not true. Come by our store in Baltimore today, or browse our online collection.


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