They do in fact exist. Strapless Bras That Actually Work

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We've all been there, there's the perfect dress that shows off your shoulders, fits like a glove, everything is sexy except WHAT bra could you possibly wear with this thing? Maybe you can get away with your bra showing, it might not look that bad... you put it on, definitely not. Time for a strapless bra. You've ventured down the strapless bra road in the past, only to end up looking for the nearest turn around, feeling deceived and unimpressed. After about 10 minutes they all end up succumbing to gravity and you find yourself feeling as though you've traded straps for your hands which have to hoist it back up every 10 minutes and are wondering why you even bothered putting on a bra to being with. You take the bra off and vow to never wear it again, and unfortunately your sexy new dress which you've worn once will see the same amount of future action, because with the tata's your mama blessed you with, braless just won't do.

You wonder how the dresses of the big breasted elite stay up in magazines. You've heard mystical whispers of tape and fairy dust, but haven't the faintest idea how to apply it, and the thought of peeling any kind of tape off your delicate skin after an evening out seems less than enticing. There must be a better way, you say to yourself. They wouldn't have invented strapless bras if they worked for everyone as poorly as they work for me.

Your friend wore that strapless dress to brunch last week, the section you were seated in was a bit chilly, but her nipples didn't say hello before she did so she must have had something on, yet you still didn't see her reaching in to hoist it up between every round of the bottomless mimosas you ordered. If you were wearing that outfit, your strapless bra would have been stuffed in your bag after round 3. Your attention seeking breasts would have achieved their ultimate goal of dominating their environment, reminding you not to move too quickly lest they knock your glass over and the waiter cuts you off, while threatening to assault innocent patrons who happen to walk by your table with all the composure of Amy Winehouse at a bar.

One size fits all is a myth

I must be missing something here, you ponder quietly. The truth is, the popular book and movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about a miraculous pair of pants that fit everyone, and, far fetched as that is, it would be even more of a reach if it were a traveling bra. There is no magic strapless universal bra and what works for your friend with a B cup will not work for your GG's and vice versa. Larger cup sizes benefit from a wider band with 3 or more eyehooks in back, the more the better... It's really a matter of leverage. The farther your item(s) project, the broader the surface you need to securely attach it. It's the same principle of leverage that applies to vehicles, think of your band as your wheel base. A vehicle that's wider than it is tall and hugs the road, has a lower center of gravity, thus, can corner faster without losing traction. Yes, I just compared your boobs to a sports car. Make sense yet?  

If you are a D cup and under (especially if your band size is small, you can get away with a narrower band and still have enough support. Bustier style strapless bras are the best at staying up because not only do you have a zillion eyehooks going all the way down the back, you also have the support of side boning which says "None shall pass" to those wandering boobies of yours. To learn more about bustiers and bra's for large breasts check out our article The Full Busted Bride

The best strapless bra for large breasts

Now allow me to address those unanswered prayers of yours...

For large breasts the Sculptresse Dana by Panache is my absolute favorite option. Even though there are no straps, it's supportive enough to give you that globe shaped top cleavage we all see in the photos of strapless dresses but struggle to actually achieve without straps of some kind. G,H, J cups are no match for the Dana! Many strapless bras struggle just staying up over your nipples, let alone lifting your breasts up, not the Dana. Some strapless bras struggle to grasp at anything they can, so cut into you at the top under your armpits, straining with every fiber to mash your breasts to your chest in submission, not the Dana. The Dana lets your breasts be themselves and holds them out and up in all their glory. Kind of like a friend who's the right amount of supportive, but never overbearing. It comes in band sizes 36 to 46, and cup sizes E-JJ

If you aren't in need of the big guns, the Parfait Elisa P5011 is supurb

As I said before, there is no one bra fits all, another fine option in the strapless arena is the Parfait Elissa P5011. It comes in European nude or black and a size range from 30 to 44 band and cups C to G. We also have an article devoted solely to strapless bras for smaller breasts!

The longline strapless bra is your ultimate weapon

For uncompromised support you really can't go wrong with a longline bra or bustier, and we think every woman should have one of these bad boys in her closet. We love them because there is absolutely no chance of you needing to adjust or it slipping down, it gives you a nice smooth line all the way down to your underwear. Who wants to be thinking about their bra when they're supposed to be dancing? Longline bras come in so many options from ones that have about 6 eyehooks and come down just over your top ribs, to ones that come down to your waist and even ones that come all the way down to your hips with straps for attaching stockings.  

If you want the best in support, look no farther than the bustier. We have a variety of shapes and styles so that the perfect one to hug your curves and scoop your girls is within reach. One of our favorites is the all lacey GD0689 from Goddess, which comes in black or white lace in band sizes 34-50, and cup sizes B-H. It's the perfectly sexy complement for underneath that strapless wedding gown you've ben eyeing!

We also love the Elomi Maria Basque, which comes down a bit farther with a place to attach garter straps for those slinky stockings. It comes in Black or Ivory, and a size rance from 32D-46E.

The Parfait Elissa P5017 is a smoother, microfiber option without as much lace and comes in Nude or Black and a broad choice of size options ranging from 32B-42F. You really can't go wrong with a bustier, it simply CANNOT slide down as it has nowhere to go, making it support you can rely on dress after dress.


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