Essential Bra Knowledge, 10 things everyone needs to know

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Measuring for a bra

Get Measured, Eyeballing Will Not Do

1. Get measured before buying a bra. We are all different sizes and a properly fitted bra is a bra that does its job! Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to understanding the bra fitting process.

LOOSEST Hole is Correct

2. Buying a bra is not like buying a belt. You don't want the middle hook to fit you. When new, it should ALWAYS, and I repeat, ALWAYS fit snugly on the loosest hooks. This is because it is made from elastic and elastic naturally stretches over its lifetime, so when it does (and it will) you can use the tighter hooks to keep it snug enough.

Bra on loosest hole

Bras Are Not Immortal

3. When it shows signs of wear, it’s time to toss it. No matter how much you love that old bra and the good memories you had in it (or out of it *wink*), it isn’t serving you anymore and you should love your breasts more. Check out our page on bra lifespans.

Ancient Brassiere

Hand Wash

4. Hand wash your delicates if you can, but if you must machine wash, ALWAYS cold water, GENTLE cycle and NEVER put them in the dryer. Find out more about proper bra washing.

Handwashing Bra
Pants too Tight

Guess what? Your breasts grow and shrink as much as your butt does.

5. Your breasts shape and size fluctuates just like the rest of your body, so just like you wouldn’t try to stuff yourself into the jeans that fit 3 years ago, don’t try to stuff yourself into the bra that fit then. Go out and buy a bra that fits now! Your breasts will thank you.

Increase cup size before band size

6. If you feel like you’ve grown, try going up a cup size before considering expanding your band size.

Russian nesting dolls

Bras are beautiful unique snowflakes

Not all bras are equal

7. All bra sizes are not made equal, so what fits in one brand may not necessarily fit in another.

Underwires are your friend

8. If you are large chested, you will find that an underwire bra gives you more support and you should look for models that have straps wider than ½ inch.

All About That Base

Band too large

9. Most people can tell when their band size is too small, as its attempts to sever your torso in two can be quite uncomfortable. But many more people are unaware that their band size is too large and don't know how to tell. If it slides up in the back as you wear it, it is too large. It should feel quite snug, as it has an important job to do in holding up your girls. If you can barely feel it, it's too large. Some women describe this as comfortable, but mostly that's because they are simply used to it. When they get used to wearing one that fits, they will find it to be more comfortable in the long run. Believe it or not, 80% of women are currently wearing a band size that is too large!

Does you cup runneth over or are you swimming in it?

10. Signs you are wearing a cup size that is too small:

  • You may feel like you are spilling over the top
  • The edge of the cup will indent your breast
  • The underwire will not be a big enough diameter to go around your boob. Instead the wire will lay on top of your boob, causing discomfort, red indented marks and in a short time, it will pop free of their fabric casing and stabb you as your wear it.

Sounds fun right? In our experience, it can be harder for people to know when a cup size is too small, even though most people can tell when it is too large.

Obvious signs of a cup size that is too large:

  • Space and gaping between your breast and the cup
  • The feeling that your boobs are just dangling
  • Your breasts are holding the bra up and not vice versa.

We think this is so important that we've written a page devoted solely to helping you find your correct cup size.

Cups Too Small

Cups Too Small

Cups Too Large

Cups Too Large

Still have unanswered questions? Check out our post about Common Bra Problems. It'll answer pretty much every question you've ever had!


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