Understanding the Bra Fitting Process

Apr 11 2018 0 Comments

Why do we as women slight ourselves as we are making every attempt to make sure things are perfect for everyone around us? We rush through our mornings packing lunches, prepping dinner, making sure everyones teeth are brushed and hair combed! As we are checking to make sure everything looks impeccable around us we are falling apart and trying to pull it all together, literally, pulling and tugging to keep all of our God-given parts in their correct place.

The major issue with our wardrobes being these wretched bras, surely knowing if we didn't have to wear one of these Gosh awful restraining devices we would never! How many of you find yourselves repositioning your boobs every hour, pulling your back band down where it belongs instead of it riding up your back, pulling your bras straps back up to your shoulders or just have breast pain by the end of the day??

These are all signs of an ill fitted bra, they present themselves to us every single day, yet we overlook them assuming this is how a bra looks and feel because almost all women we see look the same. Why do we not take the time to get properly fitted for our lingerie, the thing that we have to wear day in and day out, the one item that can virtually make or break our day? Why are we walking around in a bra that doesn't support us or fit our boobs correctly, and puts more pressure on our shoulder and lower back? Doing this we are damaging our breast tissue and setting ourselves up for future breast issues.   I believe, well I hope, it's because many of us don't even know how a bra should fit us, we listen and watch commercials on how bras look on models with "perky" breasts or smaller breasts, and that's what we get. Heck, many of you have even gone to stores or major departments stores for the sole purpose of getting the correct fit, but these stores have let you down, literally! Why, well it's simple they don't have the proper size bra. A bra is pretty basic, you have your band size (which is the part that goes around your waist and closes) and your cup size (which is your breast size). These 2 things work together! As the band gets larger so does the volume of the cup. For example, the volume of a 40D is much bigger in the cups than a 32D, hence many stores putting us in bands that are way to big for our waist, just to acccomodate our breasts. UGH!   Bra sizes range in US , A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, H , I, J, K, L, M, N, O.   More than likely you will find, once you get properly fitted you are in the range of G or higher, again needing a small band and a larger cup is what I find in about 75% of women who come into my store. They leave in love with their bra, free of pain and burden!

The difference with Hourglass Lingerie, we stock every band and cup size that is manufactured, so we can assure that you are in the correct band size as well as cup size.   Your band will fit your waist perfectly, which will solve the "riding up the back" issue as well as the "droopy breast" issue. Your band plays a critical role in the bra fit, essentially it does all of the work in supporting your breasts, if is too big it continues to ride up your back, which in turn, causes your breasts to droop in front. Wearing a band that is too loose and having your breasts sag causes major ligament stretching, and over time your breast tissue and ligaments will become stretched out keeping this saggy shape. Other issues due to a band that is too large is shoulder strain and low back pain, this is all due to putting the pressure and weight of the breasts on the shoulders and lower back instead of the band doing the lifting.  

Now the cup, if you're breasts are spilling out the top the cups or the center wire is stuck in between your boobs instead of lying on your chest bone against your skin, it is too small. This can present another medical issue, if wire is resting on any skin tissue due to wearing a cup that is too small it can cause nudules in your breasts. Even if you are wearing a non wired bra the pinching on your breast tissue from being too small can cause permanent damage to the ligaments. These issues can be resolved by getting a proper measurement by a bra company that has larger band sizes as well as larger cup sizes. Take 30 mins out of your day for a lifetime of happiness and comfort with your bra!




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