Your Wrong Size Bra Could Be Causing This!

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How many women are suffering from this itchy painful rash under their boobs in the Summer? Would you believe me if I said I used to have the same rash? I am a 36HH cup, and before I opened Hourglass Lingerie, I went to the same shops most of you are still buying from today. I was put into a 40DDD causing my boobs to hang low and create the perfect opportunity for yeast to grow. I even went to my Doctor and talked to her about the issue, she gave me a cream and sent me on my merry way, the problem was being masked not dealt with.

Every Summer as a young adult I had to deal with this! I now know through several bra fitting schools over the past 7 years, that noone has to ever deal with this. This is caused by wearing the wrong size bra! By going into a 36HH, the cups were then large enough to encapsulate my entire breast and the band was snug enough to support the weight of my breasts, so they were no longer hanging and resting on my waist and stomach. (Just remember if you have this rash, everything you come in contact with including your new correct sized bra, ;-) needs to be washed daily, until it is completely gone). 

Problem solved, that easy! And I know many of you ladies are having this same issue and it is easily resolved with the correct size bra. Don't be stubborn and continue to say I know I'm a D cup, because more than likely you are not. Take the 1 hour out of your busy schedule to come in for a bra fitting, it WILL change your life forever, in ways you never even thought were being effected by the wrong size bra!  


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