How are your boobs, have you checked on them lately?

Aug 02 2019 0 Comments

Have you taken time to check on your true BFF's..... your breasts??? Well you just may need to take a few moments to see how the girls are doing! How are they holding up, or not? Are they perky and happy, like you after your morning coffee? If not, let's talk about how to give them a little lift?



1) Center won't lie flat

2)Band rides up back

3)Wires dig into sides

1) Cups are either too large or too small

2) Band is too large, you need to get a smaller band, which means a larger cup

3) This could be 2 basic things, if the underwire is poking into the breast tissue you need a larger cup size. However, if the underwire is poking your armpit you would need a smaller cup size.

These are just quick tips to help you understand some of the most common bra fitting problems.  The one most important issue to start with is your band size, your band should be snug and the first time you wear it, should only be able to close on your loosest hook. You should only be able to fit 2 fingers behind the band and pull back very slightly. If your band is fitting larger than that, measure the area directly under your boobs, and this number should be very close to your band size. If not, come in and make an appointment for a fitting, because more than likely the band and the cups will change.   This will be the best 15 mins. spent for your comfort and breast health!


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