Why Men Wear Women's Lingerie

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Why Men Wear Women's Lingerie

Men are reaching for women's lingerie now more than ever before, and no longer feeling like they can't talk about it or how it makes them feel. It's a phenomenon that is increasing in numbers and popularity! Men of all walks of life and ages prefer women's lingerie over their own and why not, its soft and sensual. They are wearing it to work, to the gym, or hanging out. You may be surprised in the number of men that are wearing women's panties and that these men aren't necessarily gay or trying to fulfill a fetish, they just love the feel!

You would think that any man wearing women's panties is just fulfilling a kink, however, this is not true! Men wear women's panties for lots of reasons, but mostly to feel pretty and sensual. Here are my top 10 reasons given by my customers!  

1) The need to feel pretty, wearing panties arouses them, which in turn gives them excitement  

2) Sheer comfort: men's underwear just aren't comfortable to wear, women's panties are soft and delicate on the skin

3) Women's panties are made from soft cottons and lace, they are light and airy for the male anatomy, alleviating chaffing, sweating and rashes

4) Women's panties provide soft support for the male anatomy,

5) Wearing women's panties is sexual an erotic

6) Cross dressers wear women's panties when they have to look the "norm", if they can't dress feminine at least they can feel pretty and feminine wearing panties

7) Of course there is the Fetish factor, some men just get aroused and excited in panties

8) Some men want to experience what it feels like to be a woman and to be "desired" , so wearing panties gets them closer to knowing and understanding

9) Just the adrenaline rush of knowing they are doing something that is so taboo and forbidden, gets some men excited and that rush makes them feel "alive"

10) Straight men in monogamous relations wear panties just to feel closer to their mates

Whatever your reason, we have lots of panties to choose from, so go ahead and make yourself happy!


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