Pre-Order Now Available!

Jun 20 2019 0 Comments

We are happy to announce that pre-order sales are now available on our website and it has been a growing new trend for us! If you have been shopping with us or are a new customer, you can now find all of your fav's and order them in any continuity color available! Plus, we now have new styles that have been highly requested pieces, available at your fingertips! It's a super easy way to get your favorite lingerie in more colorways!! Another great advantage, if you are looking for a particular size and it always seems sold out, you can now order it and it will ship right to you! How awesome is that???

Pre-Order is super simple! Just place your order as usual and within 2 weeks you will receive your item at your doorstep! Our pre-order process has been extremely popular, and is a great learning tool for us as to what items we may want to stock in the future. But as for now, we are very happy with how it is coming along and how excited customers have been about it! Come in and find your perfect fit, then hop online and find your favorite colors!!  

You can search your favorite style number and see the new colors added, or click on the NEW ARRIVALS tab and all pre-order items will be shown.


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