Your Dress Is Only As Perfect As The Lingerie Underneath

Mar 14 2018 0 Comments

You have waited and dreamed of this day for years, or maybe you have loved and lost now Prince Charming has knocked on your door! Either way you are immersing yourself in every little wedding detail, from food to the perfect shoe! You will try on dozens of dresses and wait for that perfect one to scream, YES its me!!! Then starts all of the fitting appointments, its the day of the final fitting and WOW, how amazing does this dress look, it is fit for a Princess!  


Every detail is perfect the beading, lace and train. BUT WAIT... my boobs! OMG!!! you did not think about all the "girls" attending the wedding! What kind of bra are you gonna wear that won't show through or stand out. Now you need a strapless bra and seriously, where are you gonna find one that fits you now! You now have the perfect dress that does not look so perfect! This is where we at Hourglass Lingerie comes in, we know your lingerie is the key part of every outfit, it will make or break anything you put over it! This is a crutial element that many brides leave out of wedding planning, yet it is the most important! Does a picture go on the wall of the dinner you had or the cake that you made such a fuss about? The way you looked in that dress will linger around forever!

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We understand that your dress is only as perfect as the lingerie underneath, so take an hour out of your busy schedule and make a fitting appointment for strapless bra that lifts and supports your breasts. We will get you fitted into a strapless bra, bustier, longline or just a great fitting molded bra that lifts and supports the "girls" attending the wedding as well! Our bridal pieces range from 30-40 band and cups sizes B-M, we are sure to have you stepping out fully supported and walking down that isle totally confident! After all, do you want to spend time out of your day tugging and readjusting your boobs or stressing about how they are gonna look in your photos?



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