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The Bra Ups And Downs

Ok, so what's the deal with bras? Why is it so difficult to find one that fits me, am I that odd of a size?? I've never been able to find one that works for my body type? My boobs are oddly shaped? Since, I'm not so perky anymore, nothing holds my boobs up! Do you find yourself saying any of these statements, I mean really, what did Eve ever do that we are still being cursed?? There isn't any wonder why bras have earned the name.. over the shoulder boulder holder and booby traps, they can be miserable if we are not in the correct size. Breast tissue falling out the top and sides, a wire stuck between our boobs or even worse laying on top of our boobs, because there just isn't enough room in there.  

In the above video, you will see the "Swoop & Scoop" technique. This quick little motion will tell you for sure if your cup is too small, and also change your whole attitude about your bra. This technique moves your breast tissue up and forward, which brings it from under the armpits and also away from the wires. If you find once you "Scoop & Swoop" you are popping out of the top and the center is not laying flat against your chest wall, you need a larger cup size or two! Don't be afraid to go up the cup, this is a good thing! A cup that has a large enough volume for your boobs, will create beautiful lift and coverage for a stunning silhouette, not to mention amazing cleavage!  

The above video from Eveden demonstrates the "Swoop & Scoop" technique, plus touches on the 3 factors that create the perfect fit. If you checked out my last blog "Every girl needs a bit of support", I talked about band fitting and how crutial that is in finding your support and lift. The band and cup all work together, if you found you need a smaller band you also had to opt for a larger cup size, as the band and cup all work together. Say you were wearing a 40D and now you are realizing your band is too large. You measured yourself and found out you are actually a 36 band size, so you chose a 36D, you are going to be very disappointed that it is way too small now in the cup. What? Why? That's because as the band gets smaller, the volume in the cup gets smaller as well, and as the band gets larger the volume in the cups gets larger as well. So, where does that leave me??? If you wore a 40D and now you measured and need a 36 band, that is 2 sizes smaller in the band ( 40,38,36), so you would need 2 cups larger, a 36E (D, DD, E).  


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