What Color Bra to Wear Under White Shirt

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As we enter the start of summer, white is always a seasonal go to! Its light, airy, and keeps you cool from blistering sun. We all love a good white summer dress, shorts, or even just a basic tee. However, with one wrong choice in your lingerie, you could be showing off not just that new white dress. But not a fret! Hourglass lingerie is here to debunk all of the undergarment myths and direct you to the best color, fit, and style for your whites. Read below for more on what color bra to wear under a white shirt. 

What Color Bra Should I Wear Under a White Shirt?

For most women, it seems logical to wear a white bra under a white shirt. It’s what our grandmothers and mothers did for decades. Most women believe that wearing a bra color the same as your top would make it blend in, but thats is a common misconception. Instead, it actually accentuates and highlights your bra. This is due to the contrast of your skin color to the bra. 

Therefore, when selecting a bra to wear under your white t-shirt, you have 2 options: 

  • Wear a nude bra that matches your skin tone 
  • Wear a red bra (Yes! A red bra) 

When selecting your bra for white shirts, it’s all about understanding your skin undertones. Not everyone fits the standard beige skin tone and that is totally ok! For those with fair or pale skin tones, a blush or pastel color bra would work wonderfully. For those with medium skin tones, consider a caramel or honey shade bra color. For those with dark skin tones, cocoa shades look the best. 

What’s great about a red bra is that it is universal to all skin types. This is because the skin naturally has red tones making them blend underneath white shirts. However, not all reds do the trick. In order for a red bra to appear invisible under a white shirt, you must wear a deep red or burgundy bra. Avoid red bras with pink, hot pink, purple or fuchsia tints in the red as that will make the color appear.  

What Bra Style Should I Wear Under a White Shirt?  

Now that we have found the best colors to wear, it is important to consider bra style. The goal is to keep that invisible appearance. Although seamed bras offer more support for larger breasts, seamless bras are the best to wear as it insures a smooth fit without showing off the bra structure. Our favorite seamless bra here at hourglass lingerie is Elomi Bijou EL8722 Cayenne UW Moulded T-Shirt Bra. Additionally, a molded bra, or better known as a t-shirt bra, works wonderfully under your white tee. After all, it is called a t-shirt bra for a reason! Our favorite t-shirt bra here at hourglass lingerie is the Elomi Smooth EL4301 Clove UW Moulded T-Shirt Bra. If you are looking for more information on this bra style, check out our article on What is a t-shirt bra.

Don't Forget About the Fit!

While color of the bra helps in making it invisible under your white shirt, the fit and style of your bra carry weight too. A poor fitting bra can lead to noticeable loose straps, uncomfortable bulges in the shoulders and back, pinching, and large cups that gap from the breasts. If you need assistance in finding your correct size, you can visit our Size Guide. You may also call and schedule your free, personalized fitting with one of our hourglass lingerie fitting specialists. We would be happy to help you find your perfect size and perfect bra for all your white garments! 


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