What is a Balconette Bra?

Looking to share your inner Marilyn Monroe? Then the Balconette Bra may be the perfect bra for you! This style, made popular by the star in the 1950s, goes by many names such as balconette, balcony, and balconnet. All of these names mean the same thing- the idea that the bra is like a “balcony” lifting up your breasts.

The original design of a straight-across neckline really drives home the balcony imagery! No matter what you call it, after reading all of the reasons we love balconette bras, you will be dying to add one (or more) to your wardrobe!

All About Balconette Bras

The Balconette Bra is definitely one of the flirtier bra styles. They enhance your natural cleavage by offering a little less coverage than a demi-cup bra. However, the emphasis is not as much as it would be in a push-up bra, which is what makes this style so versatile for any occasion.

The straps are also fairly unique in balconette bras. They are set wider apart to provide additional cleavage enhancement. Sitting wider on the shoulders seems intimidating (nobody likes pulling up a loose bra strap all day!) but a good-fitting balconette bra’s straps will never slip.

Some balconette bras also feature stretch-top cups, which work wonders for hiding asymmetrical breast differences.

Who Should Wear Balconette Bras?

Hourglass Lingerie is always looking out for our big-boobed ladies! That’s one of the reasons we adore balconette bras so much. They look great on everyone, but especially fuller-busted women.

This is because they are incredibly supportive, leading to great lift and shape- something that can be hard to find for larger breast sizes. Of the many reasons we love them, this is the biggest one as to why we always recommend balconette bras in our shop!

Our favorites at Hourglass Lingerie are the Parfait Marion P5392 Lapis Blue Balconette Bra and the Freya Idol AA1050 Nude Underwire Molded Balconette Bra.

When Should I Wear?

One of the worst fashion errors is bra straps showing when you’re wearing a low-cut or wide neckline. Balconette bras are the perfect solution to this issue with their wide-set straps.

On top of the straps being hidden, it will also accentuate your curves and cleavage really nicely. We have found there are three occasions when we always reach for our balconette bra, the first being while at work!

They support they offer allows you to go about your day with confidence and glam. We also reach for this bra while out running errands or hanging out for the same reason. It’s supportive and comfortable but still fun!

Finally (and most obviously) we will always choose our balconette bra for a night out. It’s undeniable how sexy and fun this bra style is.

When Should I Not Wear?

There are two occasions that we recommend choosing a different style of bra other than the balconette. Every woman is built perfectly unique, and in some cases that perfection comes with naturally slanted shoulders.

These women usually have no trouble finding a stellar bra- just not in the balconette style. This is because the wider-set straps have trouble staying on slanted shoulders. If you think this could be you, check out our Why Do My Bra Straps Keep Falling Down page for the bra styles we suggest you try instead!

The other circumstance we think a balconette bra may be a poor choice is while working out. They simply are not designed to prevent jostling and rubbing like you need when exercising. Instead, you may want to check out Sports Bras, which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Balconette Bra Sizing

You will know your balconette bra fits perfectly when the band is snug but fingers can still slide under, the underwire lays flat, and the cups enclose the breasts well. If any of these criteria are not met, then you are likely wearing the wrong size.

The most tell-tale sign of poor fit in a balconette is breasts overflowing from the cups. The easiest way to size yourself is to check out our Size Guide and read up on all of our tips and tricks.

Or, if you would rather have the perfect fit without the hassle of research, call and schedule you free, personalized fitting with an Hourglass Lingerie fit specialist. We would love to help you and share our admiration for balconette (and other) bras!

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