4 Reasons Your Strapless Bra Isn't Working

Oct 26 2017 0 Comments

Many hourglass women dread having to put on a strapless bra. Memories of constantly having to tug a slipping strapless bra back up still haunt us from the last wedding, prom, or special event that required us to go strapless. Strapless bras can be a challenge for anyone with breasts, but they seem to plague women with large cup sizes in particular. You may be able to guess some of the reasons for this, but others might surprise you. As always, it’s important to keep in mind that the problem isn’t your body. It’s your bra.

Band Issues

Without straps to support your breasts, the strapless bra’s band has to pick up the slack, literally. Your brand is doing the bulk of the work, so it has to be just right. A band that’s too narrow will offer too flimsy a support and cause the bra to slip. On the other hand, the band shouldn’t be too loose. Without the straps, you need the bra to be as tight as possible without causing discomfort in order to offer you the proper amount of support. It’s recommended that when shopping for a strapless bra, you search one size smaller than your usual bra size.

It’s Worn Out

Most bras have a shelf life of about 6-9 months. After that, the material starts to strain and things start to sag. This is true of any bra, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to strapless bras. If you’re sagging in your strapless bra, there’s a chance the tired bra may try to sag right off of you. Better to get a new bra before your next event or strapless outfit.

Flimsy Build

The most embarrassing thing that could happen when wearing a strapless bra is for your breasts to pop out of them. If your bra is simply cloth, though, this nightmare could become a possibility. Try to find a bra with silicone grippers to help keep everyone in their proper place. This strapless bra from Parfait includes silicone grippers and fitted cups to ensure a secure fit. If you really need the added support, you might even want to invest in a bustier, like this beautiful basque from Goddess.

It’s the Wrong Fit

It always comes down to the fit. You’ll probably wear this bra for hours at a time in public, so don’t buy a bra in stores that doesn’t offer a snug, secure fit from front to back. Test your fit before you leave the store by lifting your breasts (inside the bra) with both hands. Do you notice a difference when you hold your breasts from the way they sit in the bra? If so, the bra isn’t giving you enough support. For more information, check out our sizing guide.

Strapless bras don’t have to end in discomfort or disaster, as long as you have the right one. At Hourglass Lingerie, we have several strapless or bustier options created specifically for Hourglass women. Call Dawn at (443) 869-5324 for a consultation or stop by the store to find the right fit for you.


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