7 Fixes for Common Lingerie Problems

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7 Fixes for Common Lingerie Problems

Uncomfortable underwear might seem like a small problem until you have to wear it all day. Like a tiny pebble stuck in your shoe, it wears on you as the days go on and becomes nearly unbearable. But too often, people just keep living with it. Lingerie that fits well is hard to find, and if you don’t know the solution, sometimes it’s just easier to grin and bear it. Fortunately, we’re here with solutions to 7 of the most common lingerie problems.

1. Moleskin for Protruding Underwire

When your underwire starts to attack your underboob, it’s more than uncomfortable--it’s downright malicious. Still, if you need the support of a bra with underwire, here’s an idea to protect yourself from stabbing: moleskin. Moleskin is typically used as padding for shoes and covers for journals, but it’s also a trusted solution to the underwire problem. Just push your underwire back into the bra and cover the tear with a small piece of moleskin. The more you wear it, the more comfortable your body will become with the adhesive until it feels like a natural part of your bra.

2. Stretch out Your Underwear

Sometimes underwear that looks terrific at the waist but tends to be lacking in coverage at the legs. To avoid the constant wedgies, your underwear just requires some breaking in. Stretch the legs of your underwear as far as they’ll go until the stitching cracks. Of course, this will mean that the underwear will start to wear out sooner than it might have otherwise. If you have a sewing machine, you can avoid this problem by using a seam ripper and then re-hemming the underwear.

3. Adjust Your Bra Straps to Avoid Slipping

This is one of the most common bra problems and one of the peskiest. It can happen at the worst time--on an interview, a date, in the middle of a crowded elevator.

Your bra strap slips off the shoulder and you have to will yourself not to reach into your shirt and pull it back up. It’s worse when you’re wearing a sleeveless top. Fortunately, this has one of the simplest solutions. Just adjust the falling bra strap. Chances are, your breasts aren’t the same size, so each strap should be adjusted for the support of the proportionate cup. If your straps are still slipping, try a bra clip or safety pin to hold the straps back, much like a racerback bra.

4. Full Cup Bras to Stop Sagging

Hard to believe, but not all breasts are as perky as seen on TV.  The bigger you are, the more gravity will try to bring you down. If your bra can’t support your lower-hanging chest, it may be time to switch to a full cup bra. This isn’t a permanent solution, as any bra will eventually get worn down and need to be replaced, but a full cup bra will offer you more support and help to keep the girls up. Underwire will help hold you up, as well. And if the underwire breaks through the cloth, now you know how to fix that!

5. Rising Back Band? Find a Smaller Band

This is one of the most common lingerie problems because there’s nothing you can really gracefully do to make it more comfortable while the problem is occurring.

If your back band is rising up - it means your band is too wide. This may be because you are wearing the wrong size bra (maybe you have a big chest but a slim waist?) or that your bra has just stretched out with age. Take your measurements again and find a bra with a waist that gives you a snug, comfortable fit and you won’t have any more issues with rising backs.

6. Invest in a Breast Sweat Absorber

Underboob sweat is an unpleasant feeling that strikes many of us especially in the heat of summer, but it can happen at any time of year if you’re prone to it. Have you ever waited until you got home and then tucked your shirt under your chest for some relief? Here’s a more effective way to do that: ACURE Argan Oil. It’s totally natural and absorbs quickly. Just spray the underboob area and feel free to go about the rest of your day without the sweat.

7. Buy from a Lingerie Store that Specializes in Plus Size for Better Variety

There seems to be a trend with mainstream lingerie retailers: A and B cups are sold in cutesy, childish designs, C cups are lacy, pretty, alluring, and anything larger than a C cup is plain, matronly, beige, with a few exceptions for double the price. Being a curvy woman doesn’t mean that you’re devoid of all sense of style and fun. In fact, it’s often just the opposite. If you want more options, you should shop at a lingerie retailer that caters specifically to plus-size women. You’ll find a wider variety of styles and and types of lingerie that fit you in the first place, bypassing many of these other common lingerie problems.

Your lingerie can be a pain if it’s not exactly right. If you’ve worn the problem item regularly for over a year, it may be worn down past the point of supporting you properly. When it’s time to find new underwear, check out Hourglass Lingerie. We’ll help you find the right size for you, and if we don’t have your size, we can order it for you.


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