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Let's quickly talk about that one thing that I hear from customers every day walking through my doors. I want my boobs to look perky and youthful again!! Is it possible to have that youthful lift and playful bounce I used to have? Can I get my breasts off my waist and lifted? They start off the day looking beautiful in this bra, but 2 hours later I have quad boob? Why, Why Why?????

The Answer is YES, YES YES,  

It is very simple to achieve this youthful look in as little as 15 mins!! Imagine, taking 10 mins of your time to get a quick measurement that will change your life forever!! The band is the real "meat & potatos" of the bra, this is where all of your support and lift stems from ladies!   A band that is too large for your body frame just doesn't do anything, it will eventually ride up your back and your breasts will slowly drop inch by inch during the day. Also, if your band is too large, your breasts will escape from the front under the underwire.  

Band is too large, and is starting to ride up the back. A snug band will stay parallel to the floor in the back so your boobs stay lifted in the front.

fitting advice for bra support

Band is too large! If you can pull back on your band it is way too large, also if you can go in the the 2nd or 3rd row of hooks the first time wearing the bra, you need to go down to a smaller size band. You should always start on the "loosest set of hooks" for maximum support, this way you have other hooks to go to as the elastic begins to stretch.

Alright smarty pants, so what do I do???

Simple, take your measurement.   Lift your breasts up and slide a tape measure directly under those babies and measure around the wasit area. What you measure should be very close to your actual band size. ( If you are in between a size, simply go up to the next inch). Remember, band sizes are in even numbers, so a 41 will round up to a 42 band. This may seem as a shock to some of you ladies who are currently wearing a band size 4- 6 inches larger than your actual measurement! And yes, you are going to think, there is no way I can get into a band that small! Never fear, you will, and I do it every day!!! This is just the beginning of a properly fitted bra, after you get the band correct, the cup will need adjusting as well.   Remember, smaller band, means a larger cup!! We will get into that next week!

A properly fitting band will be parallel to the floor and stay in place all day. You should not have much slack behind the band, enough to fit 2 fingers comfortably behind.

When your band is the proper size for your body frame, you should only be able to close the bra on the first set of hooks (this would be your loosest setting). As the elastic stretches you can then go to your second row to achieve the same support.


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