Are my boobs causing my headaches?

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Headaches can be one of the worst pains to deal with aside from toothaches. They make it hard to focus, think and sometimes even just get out of bed. We all understand the pains and how much of a struggle it is to just go through the motions of our day when struck with a headache. However, have you thought about the cause of your headache, the root of the evil that holds us down. Headaches present at the worst times and take many different forms, and knowing the type of headache we have is the first step in alleviating the pain.  

Did you know that wearing the wrong size bra can add to or even be the cause of your daily headaches or neck pain? Wearing a bra that isn't fitted properly puts the weight of your breasts on your shoulders which directly causes neck pain because your shoulders and neck share the same muscles.  

Do you find yourself always tightening your straps to get your boobs higher? Is this how your bra fits you? If this is how your bra is fitting, this could be a main contributor to your neck pain and tension headaches!

Is your band constantly riding up your back? If your band is always going North, your boobs don't have anywhere to go but South! This band is a sign of an ill fitted bra, and possibly a major contributor to your tension headaches!

I'm certainly not a Doctor, but I have been in business long enough to see many of my clientele walking in with a bra that fits this exact way, and almost every one of them complaining of neck pain, lower back pain, and headaches. After being fitted in their proper size, they immediately see a difference in their posture and begin to feel a difference of the weight being taken off their shoulders and lower back. I believe 30 minutes of your day is worth that! Imagine living your life pain free and having your clothes fit better. It's a WIN-WIN!

Breasts lifted and fully supported, takes the weight off my shoulders. I do not need to over tighten the straps to get my support, therefore I will not have shoulder strain or indentations.  

Measure your waist directly under your breasts, this should be the size of your band. A well fitted snug band stays in place parallel to the floor, without ever riding up. This gives your breasts all the support they need! * your cup size will go up once you go down in the band

Take a chance on me, schedule a fitting today! What do you have to lose but that painful headache, neck pain and shoulder strain!  


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