Running, It's A Real Pain In The Boobs!!

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Reduce bounce, Save The Tatas!

Running with boobs of any size is cumbersome, painful, and honestly just plain annoying! As a matter of fact statistics show that about 32% of women experience some sort of pain when running.  

How many of us have actually muttered these same words?? I can't run because of my boobs... Let's take back our life, our health, and a way of mentally unwinding. We all know it doesn't take a hard run to experience breast pain, a light jog or even power walk is enough to send our lady lumps rocketing into outer space. As a matter of fact the amount of bounce and jolting is about the same whether power walking or running. This is pretty astounding as each bounce causing stretching and potential damage to our ligaments in our breasts.  Not even getting into the gawks, glares, and googly eyes we receive as we are sweating it out!! It doesn't truely matter if you are a B or an N cup, your boobs bounce with movement and this bouncing causes major lligament damage, that is the cause of saggy breasts as an adult. Take back your run and your means of destressing and sanity with a well fitted sports bra. This can be any type as long as it fits! A wire free, wired, or encapsulated bra doesn't matter much for support, the most important factor it fits properly. With a well fitted sports bra you can reduce bounce up to 80%, this is a must for any runner! Call us today 443-869-5324 or book an appointment online, we are here to help with your questions and sizing needs.

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