The Giant Powerhouse that is causing local lingerie stores to close their doors

Dec 19 2018 0 Comments

When I start to talk about the giant powerhouse that is taking over e-commerce, we all know who I am referring to. It is written everywhere about the Amazon effect, and how this dominating online sales company is sending many brick and mortar stores into bankruptcy. The name Amazon effect refers to the early and continuing domination in online sales, which has disrupted many online retailers and brick and mortar stores.  


The very reason Amazon has become such a power house is their ability to get product to the customer in record time, merely a day or two. While, speed is an exceptional thing and well let's face it, who wouldn't want their items delivered a day or two faster than the standard 3-5 days delivery times; does a day or two really matter? Is that day or two worth putting your local shop out of business?   As Americans , have we become so desensitized and privileged that we can't even walk out of our homes and travel a few minutes to our local stores to buy our products? Or, do we we no longer know or care to know how to interact with humankind? Is this really the World we want our Children growing up in, all technology and no human contact or compassion? This is what one-click shopping is doing, creating zombies that will no longer care, or even know how to socialize with each other. Is "just a click away" really that important to us?



I know what you are thinking, I am so busy and Amazon makes shopping easier that I have more time to spend home with my family or friends. Believe me, as a Mother of 3 and trying to run a business, I understand the importance of family and time management. I understand how "just a click away" can be so important in our daily rat race of a life. However, I do believe that there are limits to what Amazon should be used for. Do you really want to purchase your bra from the same company that sells tires? Do you really think they know or care about how you look and feel in your bra or how that bra effects you every day of your life if it is the wrong fit?? This is where I believe we have to draw the line and realize that somethings just can't be a click away. We need to take the time and walk into a brick and mortar for certain items such as a proper bra fitting by a trained professional. We need to know and care that every time we click that button, we are potentially putting another strain on a local family that depends on your support and loyalty. We NEED to stop the Amazon effect.

Many lingerie stores have become victims of the Amazon effect, one of the most recent Lingerie Lingerie. A company that has been fitting and helping customers locally for over 28 years. This is becoming a trend in brick and mortar locations, and the only ones that can stop this is the consumer. Amazon has it's place in the retail world for sure, but it should never have a place in the lingerie world. If this trend continues in the direction it has taken the past few years, I can guarantee many lingerie stores that offer personal fittings and one on one customer service such as Hourglass Lingerie, will be a thing of the past. Where will you then get properly fitted, how will you know and understand and teach your little girls or nieces how a bra should look and feel? That the band should be snug, and the cups should not be overflowing, that the straps should not be digging into your shoulders, or your boobs sliding underneath the underwire. I am not saying all lingerie stores have sales associates with this type of knowledge or have been to fit schools to ensure you are getting the best possible support and lift to prevent your breasts from sagging in the future. I can however, give you my guarantee that when you step foot into Hourglass Lingerie you are going to be treated with the utmost respect and with welcoming arms and atmosphere, and you will walk out with a new found knowledge of how your bra should fit as well as a new love for your bra! Let's begin to care about local businesses again and the people that put their customers first, knowing that you and only you are our families life line. Let's begin to hault the Amazon effect and know their place in the retail world as well as brick and mortar companies.


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