Bra Doesn't Lay Flat in Front

Of the many bra fitting issues us women face on a daily basis, one of the most common is that the center of the bra does not lie flat on the breast bone. Here at Hourglass Lingerie, we see this problem often.

The space on the bra between the two cups, called the gore, serves the important function of connecting the cups and keeping the breasts separate. A proper fitting bra will always have the gore lying flat on your chest. You’re here because it’s not, and we know how to help!

The cause of your issue could be from two different causes. The first being that you’re wearing the wrong size bra or the second being that the bra style is wrong for your type. No matter what the issue may be, with a well-fitted bra, the center gore will lie against your sternum and your problem will be no more. Continue reading to hear our expert solutions!

How to Determine if Your Bra Size is Right

If your gore is not lying flat, either the cups are too small, or the band is too big.

If your cups are too small, then your breast tissue will be spilling out on the top, sides, or bottom of the cups. Going up in a cup size will usually solve this issue by completely holding the breasts.

Alternatively, if the band is too big (and you are hooking it as tight as possible and still not getting adequate support), it will typically ride up your back. Another way to check is with the two finger rule: if you can comfortably fit more than two fingers between the band and your torso, then the band is too big, Solving this is as simple as going down in a band size.

How to Determine the Perfect Bra Style

The bra style you choose also has a large effect on gore lifting. Everyone is shaped differently, so not all styles of bra will work for your individualized breast shape, and that’s okay! We’re here to share what works perfectly for your body type.

Bra Styles for Larger Breasts

For women with larger breasts and more curves, a full coverage bra will likely provide a better fit. This is because full coverage bras often have a higher center gore that will keep the breasts separate while still giving support. We have lots of full coverage bras at Hourglass Lingerie, but our top favorite is the Elomi Smooth EL4301 Clove UW Moulded T-Shirt Bra.

Bra Styles for Smaller Breasts

For women with smaller breasts and less curves, plunge and demi cup bras are the best option. This is due to the fact that these types of bras have a shorter gore, so they lay better on a flatter breast. Our best recommendation for a plunge bra is the Elomi Matilda EL8900 White Underwire Plunge Bra. As for demi cup bras, we also love the Panache Envy 7285 Black Balconette Bra here at Hourglass Lingerie!

What To Look For in a Well Fitting Bra?

We mention the concept of a well-fitted bra plenty of times, however you still may be asking yourself, how do I know if my bra is well-fitted? Check out our list below of signs to know whether or not you have mastered the well-fitted bra for your body:

  • Straps should not dig into the shoulders. Instead, they should run parallel to the back and take weight of the breast from the shoulders.
  • The centre panel or gore should be sung to the chest with no gaps or digging
  • Underwires should lie flat and you shouldn't be able to feel the underwire when moving, bending, and stretching
  • The band should be secured around the body, not sitting any higher or lower than the cups.
  • There should be a snug fit all throughout, but nothing that is too tight or too lose.
  • New bras should be connected at the middle hook comfortably, not the 1st or 3rd hook. These are utilzed for when the bra stretches out and experiences wear and tear overtime, altering the elasticity of the band.

Come Visit Us!

Finding the right size bra can be tiring and expensive! For some more in-depth instructions on how to pick the best option, turn to our bra Size Guide or call to schedule a one-on-one personalized fitting with one of our bra experts here at Hourglass Lingerie.