How To Buy A Maternity Bra

Congratulations on expecting a new bundle of joy! Pregnancy is a beautiful event of life, and here at Hourglass Lingerie, we want to help you celebrate.

One of the most important ways to care for yourself while pregnant is to invest in a maternity bra. Allow us to share why!

Your Breasts During Pregnancy

One of the first signs of pregnancy is fuller breasts.

Hormone changes cause breast tenderness and swelling, as well as rib cage growth and weight changes. The breasts will also grow heavier due to mammary gland growth and fluid intake.

The mammary glands are also preparing to create milk, which can cause a milk-like fluid (called colostrum) to begin leaking from the nipple.

All of this can start occurring as early as 6 weeks pregnant! All of these changes put the breast tissue and surrounding areas under a lot of stress.

Without the correct support, the tissue could become permanently deformed and painful. To prevent these outcomes, we always recommend Maternity Bras to our expecting mothers!

What is a Maternity Bra?

Maternity Bras are specially designed with the mother’s comfort in mind as her breasts grow throughout pregnancy.

Most maternity bras feature wider straps, cotton lining, and extra hooks on the band. These features are all in place to relieve breast strain while still allowing for healthy growth and support

. They also hardly ever have underwire, a fact that nearly everyone can get behind! Maternity bras are also designed to fit comfortably on the tightest hook when first bought. This allows it to be adjusted to looser fittings as the breasts grow.

Some normal bras have similar features, but their construction is just not designed with enough support a pregnant woman needs.

Buying a Maternity Bra

So how do you know if a maternity bra is right for you? Our bra fitting experts recommend maternity bras for all expecting mothers because they are designed for exactly what they are going through!

We also recommend buying more than one. Although they can be adjusted to fit better as the breasts grow, the difference between the size of your breasts at the beginning and end of your pregnancy will be shocking.

Try not to buy a too big one at the onset with a “room to grow” mindset. This will be uncomfortable through the first few months of pregnancy and will not provide the support necessary. Week 18 of pregnancy is when most women realize their normal bra is just not cutting it anymore, but many women will purchase them as soon as they know they’re pregnant.

When buying a maternity bra, search for one with sturdy seems and straps and is made of cotton or a similar synthetic blend to prevent chafing. If you notice leaking of colostrum, a bra with breast pads will prevent this from leaking out onto your clothes.

At Hourglass Lingerie, we have a wide selection of Maternity Bras to choose from. However, our top favorites are the Anita 5197 Lollipop Maternity Bralette and the Anita 5168 Black Wire Free Soft Cup Pregnancy Bra.

Maternity Bra Fitting

The next step after choosing the right maternity bra is making sure it fits properly. Sizing matters especially because your breasts will be changing daily!

Choose a band that clasps on the tightest setting during the beginning of the pregnancy so it can be loosened as the ribcage changes. For the cups, the material is really what will allow the breasts to grow comfortably.

While in the fitting room, also try sitting down and standing up to see where the bra hits the belly. There should be no issues such as sliding, pinching, or gapping through any of these movements. If it’s already causing problems in the dressing room, then you know it will only get worse post-buy.

Above any common bra problem, it is most important to see a fitting specialist while searching for a maternity bra. To ensure the perfect fit the first time, call and schedule a personalized, one-on-one fitting with one of our bra experts here at Hourglass Lingerie!