Lingerie for Crossdressers

Love the feeling of wearing women's lingerie but don't know where to begin? Born with men's hardware and women's software? Maybe you just love the feeling of womens undergarments for their softer materials and more creative designs. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you achieve the look you want on the outside, and match it to how you feel on the inside

First, do you present as a man or as a woman?

Bras for presenting as Male

If you present as a man, but love the feeling of wearing a bra and panties underneath your clothes, for reasons such as you find it arousing, you like the designs, fabric or whatever! Then you are probably looking for styles that are not visible to the random passerby, and enjoy knowing that you have a little secret hidden underneath your clothes. Allow me to help you digest the dizzying array of options there are and find the one that is perfect for you. If you want to ensure that your bra is not visible through your shirt, be sure to have it fitted somewhat on the looser side so that it isn't pressing into your skin as much. For flatter chests, we recommend bralettes, they are the perfect combo of flirty and comfortable and fit smaller chests very well. Some of our favorites are the Parfait Dalis and the Parfait Adriana.

Bras for presenting as Female

If you present as a woman, you can wear pretty much any bras style that you like and comes in your size. Most men have larger chest sizes than women and as you creep upwards in band size, the color options start to become less so. While some men have natural breast tissue, most have little to none at all and will need an A cup size. If you want to wear breast forms, you should look into ones that are proportionate for your body size so that they look more natural. Of course, only if that's the look you're going for. If you want to be the next Dolly Parton, we aren't going to stop you girl.  

There are many different type of breast forms out there, try a few and see what works best for you. I'll go over the main types for you and their prospective drawbacks and advantages.  

Different Types of Breast Forms

Silicone Breast Forms

Foam Breast Forms

Silicone breasts forms are preferred by many for their very real like feel, and can be quite detailed with a variety of nipple colors and sizes. Many people also use a spray adhesive to ensure that they stay in place throughout the day or night. Silicone is also waterproof and good for those who plan to wear them under a bathing suit. You can find inexpensive ones, but expect to pay a few hundred for higher quality.  

Foam breast forms are lighter than silicone but don't have as natural of a feel. If you plan to be wearing them all day and you want a larger cup size you may appreciate the lighter weight of foam. Foam also has an advantage over silicone, especially for those starting out, in that it has a much lower price point. Good silicone forms can run in the hundreds.

Silicone Breast Plate

The Silicone Breast plate forms have their advantages over the other types in that they can be work with nearly any type of bra, require no adhesive and the neckline which comes in a variety of different heights, and blends in nearly seamlessly with the skin of the wearer, giving a most realistic look! These can be a bit warmer wearing than the other types, but are often the form style of choice for drag queens today.  

Bra Inserts

The least drastic of the forms are simple bra inserts. These are great if you are just getting used to the idea or if you have enough breast tissue to fill out a bra, but just want a little exra or to go up a sup size and enhance your natural shape.  

Best Bras for Breast Forms

Typically, if you are going to wear breast forms you will want a bra that is more full coverage, so that it holds the forms securely in place. If you are using an adhesive product for your forms, (make sure to shave your chest first) then you can get away with a little less coverage but tiny triangle Pam Anderson style swimsuits are not recommended. Our Elomi 4030 is a beautiful full coverage bra well suited for keeping forms tight and secure. Another great option is the GD6090 from Goddess. Both of these come in band sizes large enough to accommodate the chests of most builds of man.  

We carry many different bras suitable for nearly every need! Feel free to contact us or schedule a custom fitting if you need guidance in making your choice!