The Benefits of a Front Closing Bra

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Front closing bras can be a bit of a mystery to shoppers: everyone has seen these styles in shops, but may be unsure of what difference they can make or what they have to offer. Those who give it a try will find that these bras can provide fantastic support. They’re also an important option to those struggling with mobility.



The biggest appeal of a front closing bra is that they are much easier to put on. This is great for anyone trying to streamline their daily routine without the discomfort of twisting or having to pull a bra down over your head. (Which if you can do that, it means the bra is too large) These bras are even better for people with limited mobility who may not be able to reach around to their back. It may seem like a small thing to most people, but being able to dress yourself is fantastic for your sense of independence.

A front closing bra is great for anyone who might struggle with a traditional style. Front closure bras are also an option for nursing moms who need a new bra but don’t want to buy another nursing bra as these remain great options even after you stop nursing.



Many women find the hooks at the back of a bra to be uncomfortable, which can lead to a sense of dread. This is often not an issue with the front closure bra. There is nothing to irritate your back now and often the closure is placed in a way that won’t irritate your sternum. Front closing bras also make great sleep bras, as the hooks won’t be pressed into your skin when you lie down. This is awesome for many larger chested women who are uncomfortable sleeping without the physical support of a bra.



Frost closing bras are great for daring styles! Often, the closure is on a very low center panel so it’s no problem if you plan to wear a top or dress with a plunging neckline. Front closure bras also often push the breasts together which can add cleavage if you want to rock a daring look. There’s also the appeal of the smooth back, so your top or dress won’t bulge in that area.

The downside is that these bras often feature less adjustability as they usually only have one closure option instead of a row of hooks to choose from. This can mean that your bra will have a shorter life span as you can’t switch to a new hook as the bra stretches over time. This may mean needing to invest in a few bras or to alternate through different styles.

Front closing bras are great for anyone who is focused on ease of use and comfort. These bras can keep you looking great even when mobility issues are a problem which is great when someone may be struggling with a decrease in their independence. The Parfait Lynn Front Closure style from Hourglass Lingerie is great for anyone looking to try out this style and wanting to feel great doing it. Come see this style and more at our store, behind the blue door!


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