Unlined Bras


As the name suggests, an unlined bra does not contain any lining or padding in the cups whatsoever. So rather than sculpting your breasts, unlined bras will allow your breasts’ natural shape to shine. A unlined bra will not hold it's cup shape when off of the body as a lined or contour bra will. One reason they’re appreciated by many is that they’re incredibly lightweight. Some styles also have a subtly sexy appeal due to the semi-sheer cups.

There’s slightly less coverage with unlined styles, so if you’re worried about nipple coverage, then you may just want to wear them under layers or clothes that are constructed of a thicker fabric as opposed to skin-tight thin knits.

So, which type of bra is best for you? Well, it all comes down to your specific needs. If support is at the top of your mind, note that both unlined and lined bras can offer equal advantages in that department. If you’re seeking to enhance the shape of your bust while also getting additional nipple coverage, you’ll likely want to seek out a lined bra. On the other hand, if you’re simply seeking some lightweight lift, then an unlined bra will do the trick.