My Boobs Hurt

Our breasts are so sensitive, it seems like something is always bothering them! Thankfully, we have set out to find solutions to the most common reasons your boobs might be in pain. From hormone fluctuations to a good workout- let's settle this battle with the boobs once and for all!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor if breast pain is persistent. Hourglass Lingerie is not providing medical advice.

Hormone-Related Breast Pain

There are two different ways breast pain is classified, cyclical and noncyclical. Cyclical breast pain is often associated with hormone fluctuations related to menstruation and ovulation. Noncyclical breast pain originates in the muscles and joints (we will go deeper in depth on this later on!).

The most common time for hormone-related breast pain to occur is the time between ovulation and menstruation. Just like with most hormone-related events, pain intensity, location, and frequency can vary for each woman. The best way to help alleviate pain are warm compresses and various pain medicines.

Pregnancy Breast Pain

The hormones related with pregnancy are a major culprit for breast pain and tenderness. Not only do the hormones (mainly progesterone) just naturally cause breast pain, but as the mother’s milk comes in throughout pregnancy as well.

This causes the breasts grow in size and thus experience pain. Breast size changes can also cause back and neck strain if not supported properly with a great Maternity Bra.

The best solution to pregnancy-related breast pain is wearing a maternity bra. Check out Hourglass Lingerie’s How to Buy a Maternity Bra page for more details about how the right bra during pregnancy can help breast pain.

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Breastfeeding Pain

Once baby is born, unfortunately breast pain does not usually subside. Breastfeeding is often uncomfortable, and a new routine of feeding can be hard to find while battling engorgement.

Engorgement is when the breasts become heavy and full as milk flows in. Some remedies to pain caused while breastfeeding include milking roughly every 2 hours, gently massaging breast tissue, warm compresses, and investing in a comfortable Nursing Bra.

Nursing bras help the breasts stay comfortable as they change in size throughout the day. Hourglass Lingerie has put together an entire guide of How to Buy Nursing Bras to help make the process as easy as possible!

Are You Wearing The Right Size Bra?

A noncyclical cause of breast pain is simply that you’re wearing the wrong size bra! Too small of a bra can dig into the breast tissue whereas too big of a bra doesn’t give the amount of support to the breasts that they need.

Bra shopping can be a expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming activity. Thankfully, we at Hourglass Lingerie have complied an entire Size Guide for everything you could ever want to know about fitting your own bra.

If attempting to tackle fitting your own bra is too much to think about, don’t worry- we understand! That’s why we offer free, one-on-one bra fittings with our fit experts. Just call to schedule today to find your perfect fit the first time!

Sports-Related Breast Pain

Oh, the joys of being a woman, even trying to work out comes with breast pain! Sports-related pain is one of the biggest noncyclical causes of breast pain.

Breast tissue jostling around can cause stretching, muscle strains, and soreness in the back and breasts. Thankfully, a great solution exists in Sports Bras!

These types of bras are specifically designed to prevent the breasts from moving and grooving on their own as you work out. If you’re thinking your breast pain is deeper than just tissue soreness, pain relief medication can help relieve muscular pain.