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Swim Talk!!!


Yes, it's that time of year again when we all start thinking about how we are going to look in our swim attire after our long Winter hibernation and comfort foods.  Well, I can give you one AMAZING and PRICELESS tip that will have you looking FAB in that swim of yours!!  Yup, you heard me right!!!   THE PROPER FIT!!!

Most Swimsuits have one clip closure therefor, it is imperative that you have the correct band size.  If you notice your breasts, decided to head South for the Summer, than it’s time for a smaller band!

Now, with that being said, if you have spillage out of the sides or tops of your cups you already need a larger cup size.  If you need to go smaller in the band, well that just means, now you need even more room in that cup of yours.

Example:  If you are wearing a 36F and are not real happy with your breast placement and the band is riding up your back.  You will need to go down to a 34 BUT, this is where you have to figure out a new cup size.  If you order a 34F, you will not be a happy swimmer,  you will wonder why you are now hanging out of those cups.  Well that's why you have me!  If you go to a smaller band (34) not only is that band getting smaller but those cups, yup you got it, they will be smaller as well!!  Most women don't evn realize this simple math rule, larger band=larger cup,  smallerband=smaller cup. So the cup volumn on a 34F  is smaller than the cup volumn on a 36F.  MIND BLOWN!!!!  ;-)

In that 36F, were your boobs contained?  Or were you walking on your tippy toes to make sure you weren’t giving our any free shows??   If you had a perfect fitting cup with your 36F, when you drop to a 34 band you will now need a 34FF.  If the band gets smaller so does the cup ladies!

Now, if that 36F, left you checking and adjusting yourself everytime you had to reapply sunblock, well now that 34FF will need to be a 34G, this will give you one cup size larger (which is approx.  ½ inch more room in each cup). 

The smallest change in your Swimsuit size will make a HUGE impact on how you look and feel in your Swimsuit!!   Now lets's get out of the S, M, L, XL  mind set and start making the girls perky!

If you aren’t really sure if your suit isn’t fitting properly or just can’t figure out your new size, check out our Sizing Guide  I’ll throw you a life line.   Call me at 443-869-5324 or shoot me an email  dmumaw@hourglasslingerie.net.  Let me be your bra girl!!!

Yours Truly,


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